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by - June 17, 2016

Entering college was the first time I ever got hooked on coffee. I was more of a tea drinker in my high school days and was totally not into coffee. But I guess when you have a 4 month old baby and trying to balance 9 subjects that starts around 9AM-4PM on your first year in college, you'd totally need something to perk you up! So, needless to say, I became a coffee addict. 

Even as a coffee addict, I never really left the 3-in-1 side of coffee. I just can't stand black. I always make sure there is at least a hint of syrup of sugar in my coffee + milk! I thought I might be weird cos I can't stand super strong coffee, like espressos or americano. But when I attended the Coffee Lab event a week ago, I learned from coffee connoisseur and the COO of Conlins Coffee Company, Mr. Eric Lim that it isn't what kind of coffee you're drinking that makes you an expert, but it's all about your personal preference. :)

Many have come to love coffee not only for its kick of caffeine, but because drinking a cup of the dark brew is such a sensorial experience. There lies the beauty of coffee, it engages and awakens. The soothing, delicious aromas; the dark bitter blend; and the warmth that radiates from a freshly brewed cup - all your senses are engaged.

Coffee is also a great comfort for me and a great way to bond with friends. I've had several coffee dates with friends and it's something truly relaxing. :)

And what makes coffee more perfect is that the fact that there is a brew just for you. Whether you like it sweet, bright, tart or with a tinge of bitterness, Conlins Coffee can help you discover the blend that best suits your palate and personality.

The Coffee Lab officially opened its doors last June 8, 2016 and I was able to attend the launch with my good blogger friend Ashley Dy. :)

Conlins Coffee Company, the brand behind the Coffee Lab, is a full service gourmet coffee company that produces premium roasted coffee beans, ground coffee, and customized blends, which make use of beans sourced from all over the world. Conlins has its own gourmet coffee lines called "Artisans," and "Bluenotes," as well as specialty line of premium syrups and chocolate powders called "Serenity Syrups.

Helping customers to explore their palates, Coffee Lab can prepare cups on the spot so that customers can sample their preferred brews. Educate yourself and feel free to ask the staff on what brew suits your tastes, as there are a million and one ways to enjoy a cup. 

At the launch, we did just that! We got to taste different ways a coffee can be prepared and learned a lot about it too!

There are different types of blends offered by The Coffee Lab, but if you (like me >_<) want to completely remove the fuss, Conlins' has a 3-in-1 blend, which has micro-granules of roasted beans, offers the same convenience but with more premium flavor. :)

They also have coffee makers and machines, in case you want to start doing some serious coffee-experimenting at your own home. :)

The Coffee Lab is located at Bonifacio High Street next to the Alessi Showroom, and offers 19 selections - from single, 100% Arabica bean brews from the Blue Notes line, to delicious blends from the Artisans line.

With its warm, modern interiors made from wood and mental, and its beautiful display of coffee beans and coffee equipment, the Coffee Lab becomes a welcoming and inviting haven for coffee appreciators.

For more information, visit or follow them on Instagram :)

You can also visit their retail outlets in Conlins Elements in Greenbelt 5 and The Coffee Laboratory in Ayala Center Cebu 3rd Level.

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  1. Wow, this place looks really awesome and seems to be worth visiting! Thank you for sharing and for this great inspiration!

  2. Oh what a treat! I love coffee too! I can't stand black either but I don't like my drink too sweet. I like it with sugar and milk but with a hint of that bitterness too. Ang gulo lang. Haha! This looks like an interesting place. :) | Bloglovin' | Instagram


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