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by - June 12, 2016

Being 27 and my husband 30 years old has never stopped us from being kids at heart. We love toys very much and a trip to the mall is never complete without a visit to the toy store! :) 

When it comes to toys, my husband is more of a Lego and Gundam collector, while I'm into Disney and Funko Pops. Though, occasionally I also love collecting the mascots of certain Lego Minifigure series. :) Our favorite ground to search for new and cool toys is Greenhills. That place has so many stores that cater to different kinds of collectors. We never get tired of the place. Even our kids love it there! ^_^

So, imagine when it was announced that ToyCon 2016 was going to happen this June 10-12, 2016! It's the same week as our 9th Anniversary and thought this would be the perfect way to celebrate it. 

Yesterday was the second day of the ToyCon and we arrived at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City around 1PM. :) It was already packed with people from Hall 1 to 4!

This is our first time to attend ToyCon, so we were super excited! :) I've been seeing a few of my blogger friends updating on their Instagram and it made me just want to be there too and witness all the exciting activities and cool exhibits!

ToyCon is on its 15th year now and it has successfully gathered collectors and hobbyists of toys, comics, anime and more. They've also partnered with Pop Life Entertainment to create an awesome FanXperience for Filipinos! :) Toy lovers UNITE!

We're finally here!! I was so giddy! Like a kid in a HUUUUUGGGGEEE toy store! Ahhh!

The first booth we went to was PhLUG's exhibit. They're a huge Lego group here in the Philippines and my husband has been active member and supporting the group. :) I love seeing him get excited! I went with him a couple of time to PhLUG's Brickfast event - It happens every month and you can find cool Lego mocks and Lego items being sold. It's awesome! :) Do follow them if you love Lego too!

Mocks from another Filipino Lego group - PinoyLUG :)  -

this post will be photo heavy! I'll be dumping a lot of pictures that caught my attention during our 6 hour stay at ToyCon! Yes, we stayed and got hooked there for that long! >_< ; If we didn't have to eat dinner, we probably would have stayed longer. Haha!

Funko Pops life size and A LOT of them at this event!! ^_^ I started collecting Funko Pop last year and now I have a total of 11 so far. :) That doesn't even count the Mystery Minis version yet!

Encountered this Walking Dead booth and instantly thought of my eldest son Athan. :) He would super love this!

It's so realistic! Scary!! Imagine having this crawling around! Eeeep! >_< They also did Walking Dead makeup prosthetics and people who came by the event seemed like they were bitten by the zombie beside me!

This reminds me of the Gundam in Japan! Though this one is a Voltes 5! :) The closest I can feel to Japan at the moment! Yey!

Went to the Artist Alley next!

Was able to catch Pat Lee in action! :)

Dropped by Six Inch's booth and spotted the cutest collectible vinyl toys! ^_^ A little fact, I actually started collecting the bear ones in high school. Brings back memories! :)

Hubby waiting for me! Cos I didn't want to leave this booth anymore! Hehe :)

This year's ToyCon welcomes celebrity guests from Game of Thrones, Superman, Twilight, Encantadia and more. I initially thought, based on the schedule that we were going to miss Hodor or Kristian Nairn cos we came around 1PM. We missed Dean Cain at 11:30AM already. But fortunately, Hodor came at a later time and we watched him just in time! ^_^ Weeeee!!

Enjoyed his Q & A. I think I was laughing most of the time! :) He's really nice! Too bad he had to die in Game of Thrones! Huhuhu! :'(

After Hodor's segment, we went to check out the other side of the hall and little did I know, we would get lost in it for 3 hours! Haha!

This area is filled with sellers and a bit of the sponsors booths. :) There were unique finds here that I never really spotted in Greenhills and some were even on sale and 50% off! The hubby and I managed to get 5 comics for Athan for only Php 100!

The items being sold were new and some were vintage pieces - think of it as the 90s toys you played with as a kid! :)

Spotted my favorite Funko Pop store - BIG BOYS!  We often get Funko Pops at their Greenhills or Glorietta branch. :)

Back to the Future was one of my favorite movies growing up and I badly wanted this MiniMates with the Delorean and Marty McFly!

For the bookworm in you, this would be LOVE! Just look at these über cute bookmarks! Now, I know who killed the wicked witch! Twas a book!

Lord of the rings LOVE! Hello Luke Evans ^_^

I still have my Game Boy Colored with me and I only have two games for it. My mom was a bit strict with me purchasing games back then. I had to have good grades haha! :) Not that I didn't. But back then it was a bit expensive. So, now that it's phase out, I was tempted to buy the Dr. Mario one!

After going around the sellers booths, we took a little break to have a quick lunch. :)

Not to worry about food once you're inside cos there are lots to choose from! The only problem is, you have to eat standing up. :) In our case, we were too busying finishing our food, so we could go back to roaming around again! >_< hehe!

Next up, we visited the area filled with displays of respective collectors. :)

Obviously, lots of Funko in this blog post cos I lalalalove Funko!

We also bumped into our good friend Miah who has his awesome collection displayed! :) Don't you just dig his Saiyan-themed outfit?? Cool!

More cool displays below....

Kabog ni Barbie ang gowns! Truly a fashionista! Love the cute costumers! Like a beauty pageant!

The place is just filled with so many installations and the ones I've posted here are not even all of them yet! :) Hello to Snoopy!

DeadPool - One of the items from the Stan Lee Excelsior Exhibit!

Found it really cool that there were mascots and Cosplayers around during the event. Some really put on costumes to live the full experience! :) 

Ariel and Rapunzel! I had to stop them while they were walking! I found them too cute, so I had to take a photo! Thank you, girls! :)

Alex the Lion from Madagascar! Your kids will love this! ^_^ Lots of kids were hugging him there!
And finally, this ends my ToyCon + Pop Life FanXperience! :) Super overwhelmed and the Hubby and I just had so much fun! Imagine spending 6 hours there! That's how fun it was for us! It made me happy seeing people our age and even older loving toys. Just proves that no matter what age you are, you can still be a kid at heart!

 Thank you so much to my good blogger friend Paul Chuapoco and Kuya Azrael Coladilla for the media passes to this amazing event! 
Today is their last day! Remember, this only happens once a year, so don't miss it! :)
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  1. I'm glad I didn't go... Mauubos ang budget ko with buying toys kasi! Haha! I've been contemplating if I should go or not buti na lang I had a seminar during the weekend kaya I have an excuse not to go and be able to save money pa. Hehe. Love the photos you took and happy anniversary sa inyo! <3



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