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by - July 02, 2016

It has always been a frustration of mine to have my very own denim or varsity jacket filled with patches. I'm no varsity, so getting one from school is out of the question haha! No athletic skills! But of course, fashion won't stop me from acquiring it from stores! >_< Heh! But what I covet so much now is the perfect everyday denim jacket. I actually found a few but they're quite expensive and the only denim jacket I have in my closet doesn't even fit me the way I want it to. Luckily, Penshoppe has  a one-of-a-kind activity - DENIM LAB DIY BAR this weekend at their pop-up store in Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall. :)

Want your very own DIY jacket too?
The pop-up store of Penshoppe features all the new styles and latest pieces from the Denim lab collection and the exciting part of this all is the DIY patches! ^_^ 

For a minimum spend of Php 1,000, you can get your purchases customized at the special Denim DIY Bar. :)

I got a denim jacket for Php 1,399 cos i've been really wanting one and along with it. :) If you want more patches, you can make additional purchases for only Php 20 to 25 each! Not bad, right? :) Definitely had my eye on the unicorn and pineapple as soon as I saw it!

Once you've paid and everything is set, you can go to the DIY Bar and they will assist you on how to put the patches on your clothing. ^_^

Here's Ruth Dela Cruz arranging her patches before they get ironed. :)

And here's mine! ^_^ Fixing the back part!

The ironing process of my jacket! Coming to place! :) Thank you to the hardworking people behind the Denim DIY Bar for being so patient and accommodating!

Kerwin King and Deegee Razon with their finished DIY jackets! :) 

Partners in Vogue Tina and Dana getting their jackets done too! :)

Pax also getting her boyfriend Nico his own DIY Jacket! His reply? Surprise him daw! Go, Pax! Sweet mo! ^_^ This can be a perfect gift too!

You can also apply patches on blouses, shirts and jeans!

Aside from the patches, there will also be local artists, like Tippy Go of Googly Gooeys, Camy Cabral of Origamidreamer and Mansy Abesami of Hey Kessy to paint on your denim picks for free!

Tippy working on Krissy's denim pants!

I'm a big fan of Tippy, so I was really happy I got to have my denim jacket painted by her today! :) For the next days, Camy and Mansy will be there! This is exclusive first 20 customers to sign up with a minimum purchase of Php 2,000, so don't miss out! :) I sure didn't! Haha overly artsy! 

The front of my jacket with Tippy's beautiful touch on the side pocket. :) I love how we always meet at art events! Now, we have art and mommyhood in common! ^_^

With Ruth, Ana, Say, and Deegee :)

With Paul, Raiza, Pax, Krissy, Alex, Tippy, Ana and Ruth :) 

Photo from Ruth :) Jackets on fleek! =P
Denim squad goals! ^_^ Haha! Visit the Penshoppe Pop-up store tomorrow till July 3, 2016 only at the Mega Fashion Hall and avail of this cool activity!

Visit Penshoppe for updates and more details:
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