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by - July 05, 2016

Growing up, my favorite thing to watch was anything Disney related and even now at the age of 27 years old and with two kids, I can say that I still love it as much, maybe even more. :) Which is why my kids are also so hooked into Disney channel. :) We share the same love for it!

When my eldest son Athan was about 1 to 3 years old, his all time favorite Disney Junior show was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and he would watch that every single day, to the point that I actually sing along to theme song when its being shown ~ "It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Come inside, it's fun inside! M-I-C-K-E-Y! M-O-U-S-E!!!"  >_< Haha! He loved that show so much that for every occasion, be it his birthday or christmas, we get him something related to Mickey Mouse. :)

Now, he's all grown up - 8 years old to be exact...He still loves Disney like me. :)

Disney is for all ages! So, to all Disney fans, kids and kids at heart, you'll be happy to know that recently, Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia and Globe Telecom has launched the Disney Mobile smartphone and Globe will be offering it through their new myStarter postpaid plans for as low as Php 750 per month! ^_^ How exciting, right?

 They have 3 ranges for the Disney phones here in the Philippines with 3 specific themes - Frozen, Mickey Mouse and Disney Princess. :)

The one that I got was obviously the Mickey Mouse since my kids are both boys. :) But I truly covet the Disney Princess haha! I want one too!

Time for the unboxing!

Inside the Disney mobile Mickey Mouse box, you would find the following:

The Mickey Mouse earphones is just the cutest! It's the first thing that surprised me when I opened the box and it made me really feel that this is different from my typical phone unboxing! :) Same thing with the charger that has a Mickey Mouse icon on it and the best is that it comes with a Mickey Mouse Pouch! Let's face it, the hardest thing to find at times is a casing for our phones, especially if it's brand new. So, I'm really thankful that this has a pouch that can protect the phone. :)

And finally at the palm of my hand...

The clean white design is perfect for people who love a minimalist look and can be for both guys and gals! :) 


♥ 5" HD IPS Touchscreen
♥ 4G, WiFi
♥ Android 5.1 Lollipop
♥ 13MP Rear Camera, 5MP Front Camera
♥ 1.2Ghz Quad Core Processor
♥ ROM: 16GB, RAM: 2GB
♥ Dual SIM, Dual Standby
♥ FM Radio

The Disney Mobile! It's the cutest and magical thing at the palm of my hands. ^_^ Everything is Disney themed from the body of the phone, icons, apps, wallpapers and ringtones. They even have the Disney Channels Apps and Globe Subscribers get to enjoy a 30-day free trial! :)

I have the feeling that this phone will be overly used and abused by my kids! >_< To know more about the Disney Channels Apps, visit: http://www.globe.com.ph/surf/apps/disney :)

The camera of this device is not bad as well...

Here is the 5MP front camera. It has a beautification feature and you can even put filters! :)

This is with the 13MP rear camera and the left photo is the actual photo taken with the phone camera. :) A bit grainy at night, like most camera phones. But I bet it takes great daylight photos. :) Will also give that a try!

Explored the really cool live wallpapers and games of the Mickey Mouse phone...

Check out my video above to see my short demo. :)

Now you can have the magic of Disney everyday through the Disney Mobiles. 

You can now avail of these phones through the Globe budget-friendly myStarter postpaid plans:

  PLAN 500 
- Bundled with smartphone
- unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM
- 300 texts to other networks
- 200 MB of data 

 PLAN 300 
- Bundled with smartphone
- 300 texts to all networks
- 300 minutes to Globe and TM
- 200 MB of data

I'm pretty happy with this phone and soon I actually plan to pass it on to my son Athan. :) If you still haven't decided on what to get yet, you can visit http://www.globe.com.ph/postpaid/disney-mobile :) And if you already got the phone, please do share with us Disney fanatics by using the hashtag #ShareTheMagic. :) 

Artsy Ava

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  1. Hope to get avail this phone in india really love this phone could u send me details how much it will cost in india

  2. When will this phone be available in india how much it will cost really love and want this phone πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘


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