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by - July 23, 2016

Sperry has been around since 1935 and is known for many things - The original boat shoes, a timeless icon of function and style, and invented by the bold and worn by the brave. It is no wonder that the brand is a favorite by many adventurers. :)

Say HELLO to Paul Sperry's Spring 2016 collection.

The new Paul Sperry line is built for the inventive spirit, inhabited by fearless feet!  

The launch was done through a chill backyard party theme and fellow bloggers, vloggers and other known personalities were present. Truly one of the coolest parties I have attended this year. :)

Photo by Paul Chuapoco :)

#OOTD-ready with my shorts and breezy top! :) The only thing lacking was a cool pair of Sperry, so decided to borrow the Sayel Clew Oxford Washed from the Paul Sperry line. :) 

I can say that the Paul Sperry collection really caught my fancy with their creative spirit vibe and relaxed fit. It's my dream boat shoes to use and abuse!

Test the waters with these new take on boat shoes! 

L to R: Sayel Clew Oxford Washed and Sayel Away Hemp Canva

Breathable, lightweight, relaxed cotton upper with a rubber outsole for ideal traction.

 The Sojourn is the latest take on boat shoes for the men. It has EVA midsole and rubber outsole for superior comfort and grip. 

The Flex Deck CVO has breathable mesh upper, EVA midsole for premium comfort, and a rubber-siped outsole for an adaptive grip. The perfect seaworthy sneakers!

The Paul Sperry line is for the bold summer favorites to outfit any adventure! Perfect for the wanderers!

For the edgy, risk-takers out there, you would absolutely covet the SPERRY x JAWS collection. :)

For the thrill-seeker in you, nothing speaks more volumes than this collection right here. :) It even brings back memories of me watching this as a kid. It showed a lot on HBO and I pretty much covered my eyes 90% of the time cos I'm not very good with blood and gore! Haha! >_< 

An iconic movie on your feet...

With my fellow 90s kids! Though the movie was shown in 1975, I'm pretty sure we all watched it more in the 90s! =P

By night fall, people just started jumping in the pool! No worries, just good fun!

Sperry is a brand that teaches us to not worry too much about getting our shoes dirty and try living for a living. Embrace the unexpected, seek the unknown and come back sun-soaked, wind-blown, lightly salted, and ready to tell your tale! 

Basically, enjoy life and its adventures! ^_^

Artsy Ava

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