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by - August 15, 2016

When it comes to fizzy drinks, Mountain Dew has always been an ultimate favorite. I absolutely love the citrus-flavored soda and it's probably one that I drink often when dining out. :) 

Much like their iconic green bottle, Mountain Dew is making another historic mark by launching the country's first ever DEWmocracy!

There are two new exciting flavors and that's not all! Everyone is invited to take a stand and let your voice be heard! Before fully going inside the venue of Whitespace, guests were asked to pick which flavor they liked the most and that's the side they'll go to. :)

After taking a sip of both, I made my decision!

I picked Dew Livewire!

The two limited-edition flavors are Blue Shock, the dew charged with Raspberry Citrus and Live Wire, the Dew with a blast of Orange. Between the two, Blue Shock is known to be cool and stunning. It lets action do the talking and leaves you, well, in shock! It has a distinct raspberry-like flavor that is unique to Filipinos. On the other hand, Live Wire is loud and electrifying. It is the Dew that hypes the crowd before jumping. As an orange flavor, Filipinos are sure to like its taste of familiarity.

Upon entering the venue, I could already feel the tension between the two flavors with us being separated in orange vs. blue lights!

"The goal of DEWmocracy is to listen to what our consumers have to say and to allow them to engage with the brand. With DEWmocracy, every Filipino has a chance to take a stand, be heard, and select the flavor they want. In the end, your chosen flavor will remain." - Kay Paras (Mountain Dew Brand Manager) 

Mountain Dew has always been known to champion innovation on all levels. Over the years, each campaign the DEW brand has created focuses on creativity, adventure and passion, empowering each DEW drinker to embrace new experiences and try new things. From action to sports to entertainment to art to gaming, Mountain Dew is always on hand.

With Hershey and Jirbie :)

Making the campaign more exciting are two of the country's top influencers to lead each flavor to victory - Team Leader Sam YG for Live Wire and Team Ramon Bautista for Blue Shock. 

"Iba talaga ang tama ng #DewBlueShock for me. It's something that completes the excitement of my day." -Ramon Bautista

"Definitely hits the spot. Pare, ito na ang bagong drink of choice ko- #DewLiveWire! What a way to be unique!" - Sam YG

Along with the team leaders are their teammates who made the night even more exciting by competing who is best!

There were different games like skating boarding, bottle flipping and even a FlipTop battle! How awesome is that!

Both teams were honestly amazing! I didn't even know who would win! But of course, only one team could be chosen for the day! 

And congratulations to my chosen team Live Wire!!! Wuhooooooo! ^_^

Hirap mag bike ng hindi gumagalaw pedals, guys haha!

Be heard and make your stand. Everyone has a voice. Are you #DewBlueShock or #DewLiveWire? Vote now on Twitter and Instagram to make your vote count! Voting starts August 13 and voting will close on October 31. Voters of the winning flavor will have a chance to win a brand new pickup, perfect for your next wild adventure.

Visit to stay updated! :)

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