Uniqlo's Jogger Pants Collection!

by - August 16, 2016

Nothing says comfortable and stylish than Uniqlo. I have so many clothes from them that I can already do a lot of mix and matching. They're definitely a go-to brand for any occasion and any kind of outfit. :)

Last week, Uniqlo launched their latest Jogger Pants Collection by partnering with celebrity stylists Liz Uy and Rex Atienza

Uniqlo is has been dedicated in providing LifeWear, clothing that is made with such modern elegance. It is constantly being innovated, bringing more warmth, more lightness, better design, and better comfort to people's lives.

Liz Uy and Rex Atienza both styled 3 outfits for work and play. :)

This Fall/Winter season, UNIQLO provides 4 types of Jogger pants for women- Drape, Milano Rib, Ponte and Classic; and 2 types for men - Ultra-Stretch and Classic. Each piece is comfortable, functional and stylish, made with high-quality materials to suit the lifestyle needs of every Filipino.

"We are thrilled to showcase new styles using our famous UNIQLO Jogger Collection for men and women. Through Liz and Rex's expert styling suggestions, we aim to bring high-quality and stylish pieces to all Filipinos whether in the workplace, on casual dates or night-out with friends, and when traveling." - Gette Barrera-Jalasco ( Uniqlo Philippines Marketing Director)

Elegance in the Workplace

UNIQLO Classic and Drape Jogger pants for women are relaxed and comfortable, featuring a sleek silhouette. Each piece can be worn both in semi-formal or casual occasions. The drapes and tapers toward the hems have a slimming effect for a more flattering look.

UNIQLO Ultra-Stretch and Classic Jogger pants for men feature an elastic waist for a more relaxed and comfortable fit. Its ribbed cuffs create a sleek outline for a simple yet stylish look at the office.

Laid-back post-work sessions

UNIQLO Ponte Jogger pants for women is made with soft ponte material that keeps the wearer comfortable all-day long. It features easy-to-wear drawstring and fitted cuffs to create chic lines.

Stylish Travel

UNIQLO Milano Rib Jogger pants for women is made of durable material and feature a soft textured fabric for a more relaxed feel. The easy-to-wear elastic drawstring on the waist provides a gentle snug fit, and the tapered cut makes for trendy silhouette, perfect for traveling comfortably while still staying in style.

The 2016 Fall/Winter Jogger Collection is now available in all UNIQLO stores nationwide!


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  1. Jogger pants really have become a trend! Would love to see you wear and style one. Or have you already? xD



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