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by - August 08, 2016

The outside world can be quite stressful and can take a toll on us more often than not. If you're a driver and commuter like me, you would know the feeling of being stuck in heavy traffic and you're already tired before you even get home. Also, work can be too pressuring. 

That's why I consider the house a safe haven for me to relax and be at peace. To make all the more better, I have FAVORI, a proudly Filipino-owned company that specializes in creating handcrafted aromas. They're a quick pick-me-upper! ^_^

I know I sound like such a Tita, but I truly am a legit Tita already at 27 years old!=P I love Favori! They have different scents to suit any kind of mood you're in - Create your favorite feeling. :)

When I'm at home, I personally love something calming, comforting or refreshing. But I also don't mind trying out other scents. So far my favorite is Rain!

Favori has two devices for the scents - Aerator and Diffuser. :) These also come in different designs and I got the Leaf Aerator. 

The Aerator has and can do the following:

-  color-changing display and LED illumination in 6 lights
- with negative ion generator
- increases air humidity, ideal for air-conditioned environment
- ultrasonic atomization to improve quality of air
- removes dust and smoke and reduces indoor pollution as it deodorizes and refreshens
- uses essential oils for aromatherapy
- low power consumption
- durable, environmentally-friendly, fashionable design
- quiet and silent operation, easy to operate and clean

With the bad pollution nowadays, it's really crucial for me to have a clean home for the kids and with the Aerator removing dust and reducing indoor pollution, it is very helpful and not to mention, the room just smells great! :)

Having Favori around can change my mood in a snap. No matter how stressed or tired I may be, once I turn it on, everything is A-Oh-Kay! ;) You'll feel recharged again. :) 

If the leaf design hasn't got you sold, maybe these über cute animal heads would!

The Aerator/Diffuser Aroma Oils come in 10ml & 50ml variants and over 29 scents to choose from! :) 

Aside from Aerator and Diffuser devices, they also carry...

Air Sprays that is available in Home, Mood and Activity variants. It helps eliminate unwanted odors & non-staining on fabrics and has anti-bacterial properties.

Soy Aroma Candles that are carbon neutral & eco-friendly and leaves minimum wax residue & soot build-up.

Aroma Pouches that have lasting fragrance sachets for closets, drawers, linen, luggage, or even your car. 

Reed Diffusers are long-lasting with anti-bacterial properties.

Burner Devices uses heat to disperse aroma oils and enable fragrant smelling air.

I never knew I would be so hooked into these things, but a good-smelling home is a happy one! :)

To know more about Favori and see their other products, visit

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