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by - August 01, 2016

Being a mother can bring out the best in you and the obsessive compulsive in you, because you would always want your kids to be clean and away from germs. I can't even count how many times in a day I tell my children, "No, hun! Don't touch! Dirty!!!" >_< It is every parent's nightmare that their kids contract viruses or bacteria from things that they touch and then get sick. 

I have two growing boys and ever since my eldest son Athan went to big school a.k.a. grade school, I no longer have the luxury of watching him in his classroom and making sure that he is fine in the span of 7 hours that he's in the campus. So, before he leaves the house, I try to see that he has everything that he needs and constantly remind him to be careful and try to keep himself healthy at all times.

Fortunately, when it comes to germs and keeping a good hygiene, we parents have Biogenic alcohol to turn to. :)

Last week, I went to the My Biogenic World: Playtime Discoveries and saw the fun activities that parents and their kids were enjoying so much. :) Nice to see when families bond! Too bad I wasn't able to bring my kids due to me coming from school. But they would have loved this!

But the thing that I looked forward to the most was the seminar talk from one of the Mom speakers. I was fortunate enough to catch the first one by Ms. Carmela Delos Santos. Her topic was "Raising Happy and Confident Children".  :) 

I honestly admit that even if I've been a Mom for 8 years and of two boys, I still have a lot of learning to do when it comes to my kids. I'm no expert, but would love to know more to raise them well. 

She first talked about Affirming Your Child and she explained that we should never forget to let our kids know that we love them and we are proud of them. It's evident that we love our kids, but it is so much more when we express it to them. :)

Next is how the words we speak to our children matter a lot, because it digs deep into them and can be a huge factor to their growth. We should raise happy and healthy kids physically and emotionally. :) So, if there are times that our child disappoints us, let's not get too overwhelmed and speak words that cannot be taken back. Instead, take a breather and talk to them slowly and let them understand that your there for them.

Point number 3 is to Give Meaningful Praise. It's right to give our children praises, but we have to make sure that there is meaning to it. Like if they do an amazing artwork, you don't just say, "Good job!" at their finished work, but you also express admiration for the process. For example: "I love how you mixed the colors to create this beautiful piece, son!" or "It's amazing how you were able to make such a great artwork with only few materials!" :) Be more expressive!

Number 4 is to Focus on Your Child. We may get busy with everything going on in our life, like work and the internet. But we should never forget to give them our time and dedication. :) Like asking them how was their day at school and really listening to them. :) I personally love going on one-on-one dates with my kids!

And last, but definitely not the least, number 5 - To keep them clean and healthy! :) As I mentioned above, there are times that our kids touch anything and everything, so it's important to teach them good hygiene as early as possible. Like my eldest son Athan, I would pack him extra shirt, face towel and alcohol when he goes to school, so that even after a long day, he still feels fresh and can easily clean his hands incase there isn't a faucet/soap around. :)

I'm really glad I was able to attend this event! It was very informative! Thank you, Biogenic Alcohol for the wonderful afternoon! ^_^

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