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by - August 05, 2016

It has been awhile since my last update cos things got really busy for me with Mom's vacation here, I had to run errands with her and I also had to deal with final exams and submission of requirements before our 3rd term ended. I only have one term left till graduation! Weeeeee! Super excited for that! :) But for now, I'm on my much needed 3 week break from school, so i'll have more time to blog! Yey! ^_^

And first order of business is to give you, guys some beauty news or updates!


When it comes to doing my own makeup, I could say that I still have A LOT to learn. In my years of handling beauty products, I've only mastered how to put on lipstick and eyeliner. I can do better! So, glad there are brands out there who makes things easier for gals like me!

Doing your own contoured makeup has never been this easy. Get an instant sharper nose and your face shape on-point in a New York minute with Maybelline's very first contouring line - V-Face Contour by Face Studio

V-Face Duo Stick and Powder

Php 499

Php 499

Used to contour & highlight for precise contouring and radiant finish

How-to Contour in a New York Minute:

(1) CONTOUR - Apply dark shade along hairline, hollows of cheeks, jawline, side along jawline and hollows of cheeks, and sides of nose bridge.

(2) HIGHLIGHT - Apply highlighter along the high points of your face blend with fingertips.

V-Face Duo Blush Contour

Php 399

 Used to blush & contour for a rosy blush contour and rosy satin finish

How-to Contour in a New York Minute:

(1) CONTOUR - Blend dark shade along hairline, hollows of cheeks, jawline, and sides of nose bridge.
(2) BLUSH - Apply blush along cheekbones to add rosiness to your skin.

(3) HIGHLIGHT - Add a rosy glow by patting on the lightest shade on the high points of your cheek!

Whether you're into contouring for a daytime look or a fierce, slammed makeup for a night out, Maybelline's V-Face Contour by Face Studio is perfect to use for any look you want! For a fresh and fun daytime look, use either the V-Face Blush Contour alone or the V-Face Duo Stick and V-Face Duo Powder. For a glammed up makeup, have fun using all three products together to help you achieve an edgy and fierce nighttime look in an instant.

Join the challenge and share your selfie-ready V-Face Contour by Face Studio products face by using the hashtags #EasyContouring #InstantSharperNose :)


For some, it may seem like a mere habit. But for most women, hagod is a sign of confidence - a gesture that implies she is in control and ready to take on whatever is in front of her. It shows that she is comfortable with herself and how she looks. The hagod is an expression of a great hair.

With hair that's silky straight, doing the hagod becomes a natural, unconscious tendency for women. Stroking it from root to tip becomes a pleasurable and irresistible experience that is satisfying to do over and over.

As Palmolive Girl Megan Young puts it, "My hair is silky straight, I can't stop doing the hagod!"

Now with its fresh new look, Palmolive Naturals Silky Straight Cream Conditioner makes it possible to have silky straight hair that's hagod-ready throughout the day. Its formula infused with micro-moisturizes, penetrate deep into hair making it 8x straighter.

Have a great hair day! ;)


Because you deserve the best, from August 1 to 15, 2016, Avon offers Php 130 OFF on its featured Avon Fashions panty packs when you buy the matching bra!

From exclusively designed and fashionably unique prints to timeless neutral colors, Avon Fashions offers the wider variety of intimates at great value. Buy any of the specified brassieres in the Avon brochure to get Php 130 off on its matching panty pack. :) 

The usual price of their panty packs and brassieres fall on Php 300+ to 750 on a regular price, so better take this sweet deal! :) I can personally say that Avon intimates are really comfortable. One of my favorite brands! :)

That is it for now! ^_^ So happy it's finally FRIDAY! :) Have a great weekend ahead, guys!♥

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