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by - September 03, 2016

I have been attending so many expos and conventions lately related to toys that I am on high! When I started blogging, toys and kawaii stuff weren't really that IN. People looked more into fashion. Thankfully, fashion is also a love of mine, so it wasn't hard. But I super love pop culture! Who wouldn't?? The mixing of western and eastern ideas + attitudes is just amazing! :) Thankfully now, I get to blog more about these things!

This year was my first ever AsiaPop ComicCon experience with the Husband! It was held at the SMX Convention Center last August 26-28, 2016

What is AsiaPop Comic Con?

AsiaPop Comic Convention Manila is the biggest annual comic and pop culture convention in the Philippines and in the region. The Pop Con event brings the ultimate fan experience with a powerhouse line-up of celebrity and entertainment guests, artists, cosplayers and digital stars

I'm still in awe with the many characters I saw + chased for photos and artists that I encountered last Saturday - Day 2. It is like being in a whole new different world and I had so much fun immersing myself in it, even for just a few hours. So happy! :)

Again, like my ToyCon 2016 experience, this too will be photo heavy!

I won't deny that the first thing I ran to when I got in the AsiaPop CominCon venue was the TokiDoki  booth! I dashed to it! I super LOVE TokiDoki and If I had a lot of money, I would buy one item from each collection they have! My current favorite is the Mermicorno and Moofia! ^_^ Too bad I wasn't to witness the fan meet and greet of Simone Legno cos I came a bit later in the afternoon. But hopefully, fate makes us meet in the near future!

After getting robbed the stuff I wanted at the TokiDoki booth, the Hubby and I went around some more to check out the many cool things surrounding us.

No child in the 70s would ever forget about Voltes 5! Cool collection by Giordano. :)

Of course, hindi pa huhuli ang bid sa sarap crew! Love Jollibee! :) They were so game for every photo! 

Also spotted this shop called IDSTAR and they're a Korean manufacturing company that makes shelves and display cases. Perfect for when you have a wide collection and you don't want it to get dirty or you simple just want to admire it at home. :) I think I need one for my Funko! >_< I have a lot already!

We missed the kids during this event, so I can't help but look att the Takara Tomy booth. :)

Athan and Asher would super love these!! They actually own similar cars at home. :) I'm hoping to bring them next year! On my end, I super want the Toy Story figures! 

Spotted some of the Hubby's favorite toys and characters too - Lego,  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Ghost Busters! :) Love the Metals Die Cast edition. ^_^

Next up, went to the "comic alley" area where we got to see different artists. :)

While admiring comic artists, I spotted Joy and baby Pikachu!! Super adorable! ^_^ I had a funny experience while taking their photo. There was this guy who threw a Pokéball at Baby Pikachu and kept saying, "Si Pikachu! Si Pikachu!" and he kept throwing the ball on the ground as if to catch him! Haha! >_< So klutz!

More cool vinyl toys from artists. :)

Get your favorite Alaska yoghurt drink with cool characters on them!

Bumped into friends while going around AsiaPop ComicCon! Hello, Ed, Krissy and Miah! Nice seeing fellow geeks! ^_^

One of the coolest things I saw at the convention is this toy figures of President Duterte and the Director General of the PNP Bato. :) Cool sculpting!

Vinyls, collectibles and comics galore! The perfect place to get your geek-on! LOVE it!

And if you can't get enough of Star Wars, they actually had a cool Jedi Lab where you can train with lightsabers with the Philippine Lightsaber Guild. Also, The 501st Legion was present with a Photo Booth! For only Php 100, you can take a pictures with the Stormtroopers, Lea and Chewy! ^_^ They even partnered with Make A Wish Philippines to help children with life-threatening medical conditions. :)

Caught a few more awesome Cosplayers while going around. :) I actually hesitated for a bit to have a photo with this different version of Joker, but he put so much effort into his costumer and it legit scared me! So, I couldn't miss the opportunity! :)

Unexpectedly saw a schoolmates booth at the ComicCon! Congrats on this, JC! 

I super dig this mushroom from Super Mario! You can paint your own! ^_^ Gah! I wanted so many things at the ComicCon! If only I had A LOT of extra money! Haha! 

Oh and I started watching Strangers Things a week before the AsiaPop ComicCon. I didn't know then that I was going. But so glad that I did! It's really a good Sci-Fi show! I'm kinda into those, like Twilight Zone, if you guys are familiar with it. :) By finishing all 8 episodes, I was able to relate so well to this display...

Guys!! I found ELEVEN and her favorite food!!! Best costume ever!!! :) I think plenty of people will dress up as her this coming Halloween! Can't wait for Season 2 on 2017!

More cool booths! I got so lured with the stickers! I seriously find everyone at the ComicCon so talented! :) I like the fact that they're not so mainstream too, because it is like getting a unique piece when you leave. :)

Saw favorite characters from Adventure Time and the Mad Hatter! 

The Walking Dead!! Another season is about to begin and I can't wait! I wonder who they're gonna kill next?? Haha! Morbid, I know! But seems like they kill almost all the good characters! But based on the comics, Glenn is actually dead. Who knows this coming season! Agh!

Most of the cosplayers were hanging out here and so cool seeing them. :)

 The Hubby and I saw more local artists before we left the place. :) Can't help but ogle at the Doodle booth! I love doodling and I'd say I'm more of a doodler than a sketcher. But haven't had the time to draw much lately. Hoping to have more time when I graduate! :)

Super effort cosplayer dressed as a centaur! 

 Cool hair and makeup by the Australian College of Hair Design + Beauty! :) 

 We also dropped by the Magic cards booth and saw this huge card installation and I'm honestly clueless about this game. But couldn't help but snap a photo cos it's my Mom's name! Hehe! :)

And just before we were about to exit the venue, I saw this huge T-Rex! Talk about so much effort! And something you'll only see at the AsiaPop ComicCon! ^_^ Kudos to this guy! I actually even saw photos of him going up the escalator on Instagram! :)) 

Anyhoo, the wraps up my AsiaPop ComicCon experience! I seriously can't wait for 2017! Thank you so much to Full Circles Communication PR for the media pass. :)
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  1. OMGGG Deo and I went nun day 2 also! Super sayang we didn't meet :( Miss youuu

  2. I wanted to go but was in Bohol during this time. Hopefully I can na next time. :)



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