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If Contadina is Italian for "women of the fields", who is very particular and discriminating about the quality of ingredients she uses for the home-cooked meals she lovingly prepares, then renowned food writer and television personality Nigella Lawson reflects that very ideal through her food philosophy.

Contain, a range of premium products known for its authentic Mediterranean heritage is the latest addition to Del Monte Philippines' portfolio.

Being the high-end line of Del Monte, who better to endorse or represent the brand itself, than celebrity cook and foodie, Nigella Lawson. :) Nigella, who has sold over 10 million copies of her cookbooks worldwide, learned her ways in the kitchen through experiencing the world around her.

It was during this time in Italy where she worked as a chambermaid in Florence that she learned how to cook. She would sneak down to the kitchen of the pensione and watch the old Nonna whip up a hearty meal.

As the country that awakened and nurtured her love for food, Nigella fell in love with Italy. The abundance of fresh and quality produce helped shape her food philosophy of using only the best ingredients because it makes a big difference in the taste of the final dish. This is consistent with Contadina's philosophy.

It was immediately tasted with the meal that we had, that Contadina ingredients' has excellent quality. From the olive oil down to the sauces. :)

The quality that Contadina brings lies in its ingredients' origins - olive oils made with Hojiblanca olives, hand-picked from the groves of Andalucia, Spain, canned tomatoes made with sweet, luscious Roma Tomatoes from the fields of California, pasta made with 100% Canadian Durum Wheat Semolina known for its fine texture and creamy color straight from the western prairie provinces of Canada, and pasta sauces using authentic Grana Padano cheese and Italian herbs creating a very fresh and flavorful taste that can only be expected from a true Italian-made sauce.

For Nigella, it is evident in how the renowned culinary icon imbues passion for food. Although there are some rules when it comes to cooking...

"I think it's very important to be able to trust your own instinct, and cook in a way that pleases you, whatever you say!" For my cooking, I have no secret ingredients. I make sure I use the ingredients that are best for me. That's why I'm proud to be partnering with Contadina." - Nigella Lawson

Aside from being able to know more about Contadina and meeting Nigella Lawson face to face, we were also divided into groups with celebrity chefs JP and Steph and Daphne. :)

I was on TEAM STEPH and she made an amazing pasta dish with Contadina ingredients. :) Nigella even dropped by our area and checked out our progress. 

I've been personally cooking with Contadina. :) Used their Penne Pasta with their pesto and formaggio pasta sauce. Love it! :)

Contadina will be available in the Philippines coming this October. :) Watch out for it!

For more information about Contadina, visit :)

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