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by - September 12, 2016

Tickles has been around for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I would always be sure to drop by their store when we go out, because I'm into quirky stuff and their store just offers so many happy and fun knickknacks. It has a wide assortment of weird (in a good way) things that I want to just put in my shopping bag. They're anything but normal and that's why I love Tickles! ^_^

Lately, they've changed their overall look and I first spotted this a few months ago when I went to their Power Plant Mall branch. I super love the new look! They also adopted this to their new SM Megamall flagship store and I got the pleasure of visiting it last Friday. :)

The first thing that pops up in my mind with their new theme is, "A trip to the Circus!" Everyone loves the circus and it's certainly a happy place to be. :) Going inside the new Tickles store makes you feel exactly just that!

Another perfect description I would give Tickles - WASTELAND! It has everything and anything that you can think of and you'll easily get lured inside. :) Nowadays, these kinds of stores are thriving and I'm enjoying every bit of it! I would say that Tickles is the original wasteland for me as a kid. 

Inside Tickles, you'll definitely spot a lot of stuffed animals and these bears are carrying out some serious "hugots!" =P Haha! Must get them for your special someone! ;)

No boyfriend? No problem! Have this pillow to hug at night! ;)

Everything is so adorable! If I were still in my teen years, I would get at least three of these plush! I used to collect pillows and stuffed animals and I had a sofa full of them. :)

Looking for cool and funny signs, they also carry a lot of these! Actually they're quite known for it, your good 'ol classic Tickles! :) 

For foodies at heart, go crazy at the food section! Nothing like a nice comfort food on your bedside, right? :) 

I super love their food pouches! ^_^ Fries, Chicken, Pizza, Tacos and Burger?? Wow! At least these won't hurt your diet! They also have cute headbands that would be cool for Halloween!

Cute and quirky pens and sticky notes to add more fun to your school or office work! :) 

For pet lovers, you will really fall in love with the stuff that Tickles have inside their store. From pouches, mugs, stationery, bags to pillows, they have it all! Super adorable! :)

They also have stuff that your kids might enjoy, like cute windup toys, sword bubbles and silly grade school pranks! Hihihi! >_<

Need some chill pills? or Yakapsule? Your local Tickles drugstore has them all for you! ;)

a glimpse of the store :) Hello, Beb Ana! Hehe

Had fun shopping at Tickles with Beb Ana! :) Say, "Sushi!" This pillow is perfect for our Japan in Manila club! 

Celebrating a birthday or any special occasion, party favors can easily be spotted here!

Tickles is a store that would surely tickle your fancy and the best thing is that, their stuff is affordable too! No worrying about ripping your pockets for cutesy stuff. :)  

Sharing some "Nutella" and cookie with Mr. Bear!

 Just some of the items I got myself at Tickles...

1. a heart slinky toy 2. flamingo fan 3. mini shopping cart 4. taco pouch 5. giant pencil 6. emoji poo pillow 7. robot pen 8. mexican skeleton patch 9. pugtato chips pouch 10. colored pencils

I also got a cute Dinosaur toy + pirate erasers for my kids, but they already played with it, so couldn't snap a photo! >_< Haha! Absolutely in love with my hauls! Happy heart!

Tickles has always had a special place in my heart and happy to finally be able to share it with my kids as well! 

Visit TICKLES PHILIPPINES for more updates!

The new Tickles store is located at SM Megamall A, Lower ground level 

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  1. I want a fan too! Also colored pencils hahaha! Excited to go na later this week. :D

  2. such FUNtastic items!
    saw this store at Glorietta
    and their items are so adorbs!!!

    ❤ Ms. Kei


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