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by - September 13, 2016

If you've been following me on Instagram, you would know that I have a club with my fellow blogger friends, Ana, Ashley and Sarah called, "Japan in Manila" :) It's a club filled with everything Japanese and things inspired by it. We often do our little journaling/Hobonichi every time we meet. The club is fairly new and we're slowly trying to build it up. We're just less than a month old, but excited for more meetings and our future plans for the club! ^_^

As of now, we've met up a total of three times! Quite impressive I would say. I never thought that it would be a regular thing. During our second meeting, we had a special guest, Krissy! We also didn't just do our Hobonichi, but had a little field trip to the Kawaii HQ!

I've been hearing a lot about the Kawaii Store through my friend Ashley and I really want to go there, but never had the chance. Luckily, this is also the first time of my clubmates! Yey! :) Just looking at their door is already Kawaii!! They had a bazaar that weekend, which made it even more exciting!

My enabler friends shopping their hearts desires! Haha Yes, with an "S" cos marami kaming gusto! Hahaha! >_< There were so many cute things! Like being in an actual wasteland in Japan! 

In this store, you cannot not buy stickers cos they are all so adorable!! They have B-Side Label stickers from Japan and I wanted to hoard them! You can stick these on your notebooks, laptops and luggages. :)

 Some were being sold for Php 10 and others Php 20. :) The girls and I got several of these!

Then there is this area called "Whimsicute" where you can find the super duper cute works of Little Miss Paint Brush a.ka. Chichi! She makes all these stickers by herself and I love everything! Most of the things that I purchased that day were from her little corner.  ^_^

And take a look at those chubby little birds! What team are you on?? Mystic, Instinct or Valor? ;)

Another corner in the shop attracted me with its lovely Sailor Moon accessories and look! Awesome find of the day was the Hobonichi Mystery Pack stickers :) Ana and Sarah each got one. I actually regret that I didn't! huhuhu. :((( There's always a next time! ;)

Plushies at the Kawaii Store is overflowing! :) I couldn't help but get myself a small Pikachu Gachapon! ^_^ Also wanted a Korilakkuma!

We were actually about to leave when Sarah and Krissy spotted these cute Super Mario outfits at Kaila a.k.a. Rainbowholic's area! :) Perfect for the upcoming Olympics and Halloween, don't you think? And it was only Php 550 for the jacket and Php 250 for the jumpsuit. Steal!:)

Photo from Ana 

Ana on the other hand, found this cool Randoseru backpack for only Php 1,100! Wow! :)

Happy girls! ^_^

That was an awesome trip before our Hobonichi session! :) After an hour at the store, we decided to book Über and head to Katipunan for our journaling. We initially planned on Barkin Blends, but it was filled with so many people and waiting time was 1 hour and a half, so we invaded Seattle's Best instead! =P

Our happy mess! :) With technology nowadays, I'm glad I can share something outside of it with these girls who have the same passion. Journaling certainly has a great impact in my life and I am now more determined than ever to keep writing in it now cos of them!. :) The more the merrier! Yey! I love this club!

If you want to see what happened during our first ever Hobonichi meet up, click >>HERE<< :)

Hope you can follow us at https://www.facebook.com/JapanInManila/ to see more of our club meetings and places where you can relive Japan days!

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