Food Adventure: PAWS vs. Zombies!♥

by - October 15, 2016

Being a south girl all my life, you can say that I only go to the northern side once in a while. By once in a while, it means that there is something really exciting to look forward to there and worth the journey. :) 

Speaking of exciting things,  TriNoma's annual food campaign is here again but with a twist!

This October, TriNoma levels up your dining experience by letting you choose your own food adventure. :) Mind you, this is something you would want to try if you're an animal-lover or zombie fanatic! ^_^

The first food adventure that I was able to try was the....


Located at the 3rd floor of TriNoma (near Powerbooks), you will spot this little rustic barn themed corner filled with people hanging out with adorable dogs and cats from PAWS. :) 

I went with Ana and Ashley here cos we wanted to support the wonderful cause of PAWS and found it amazing that TriNoma had such an event for mall goers to enjoy.

I presently don't have pets, the last one I had was a turtle, but I really want a dog someday, so being able to bond with these fury creatures just melted my heart! It's so easy to create a bond with them cos they're all so sweet and well trained! :) Plus, rescued dogs and who knows, you can even adopt them if you really get that connection. :)

Bonding with Maui! She's super curious and malambing!

Got to bond with Zizu, he's a Doctor Dog. :) It means he is obedient, relaxed, friendly around new people, he is able to handle a reasonable amount of stress and feel comfortable in strange surroundings. Truly, Zizu showed all of those mentioned above and I loved bonding with him. :)

There were around four dogs when we went there, but they also interchange it with cats depending on the day that you go. :)

You can experience this food adventure by following the general mechanics...

From Tuesdays to Sundays - 2PM to 6PM, you can play and interact with these loving animals!

You can also visit if you want to know more about their campaigns. :)

Still hungry for something new? Located at Level 1 Garden Restaurants is the...


Want some thrill and a good scare? This diner is a place for customers to enjoy a unique dining experience with zombies roaming around and serving you food. :) I know my kids would super love this! They're huge Walking Dead fans!

But that's not all! Starting October 15, the Zombie Outbreak Diner will be having special events every weekend - one being the "WHODUNNIT: A Crime Solving Game".

This game definitely added more flavor to the dining experience and I must say that I was startled by the announcement of this game halfway through munching my meal! >_< Haha! 

Got startled when this actor suddenly stomped on the chairs and called our attention >_< Haha!

The Premise: Dr. Francis Ramon, Lead Research Scientist of the base camp, was supposed to reveal a cure to the zombie infestation but has all of a sudden been killed. All hope is lost unless someone steps into the shoes of the detective, looks for pieces of evidence, interrogates the suspects, and figures out WHODUNNIT?? The world needs someone to solve the crime and save it from chaos. Could it be you?

This is the time that I was hoping my love for watching CSI and Law & Order would pay off! =P Detective game-on! But while trying to figure out who the killer was, we also had to finish certain modules and interrogate suspects...

Asking Ysabel, the daughter of Dr. Francis Ramon

Other than our investigative skills, my shooting and flexibility also got tested! Haha! Needless to say, I have a lot to work on! =P

The evidence that we weren't allowed to touch!

 Pax doing the intense interrogation between Supremo, his loyal assistant and Ysabel's former lover. No one can escape from her political and even showbiz questions! Haha kasama love life!

Who do you think is the killer???

This was a one-of-a-kind experience and got our appetites working! No brains for us though! ;)

To enter the Zombie Outbreak Diner and join the activities, customers will just have to order a minimum purchase amount of Php 200 from the available menus at the registration area near the entrance. :) 

Now, which Food Adventure would you choose?? :)

For more information, visit :)

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