Strip Manila: IPL Review

by - October 17, 2016

Some may think that because I already gave birth twice and I recently got a tattoo that my pain tolerance might be super high. But truly, I still cringe and experience emotional roller coasters when faced with injections or anything sharp or hot that would come in close contact with my skin. I guess, it's one of the main reasons why I feared trying out treatments or procedures from beauty shops.

But when I heard that Strip Manila had a new procedure called 'Touch of Comfort' - The world's most comfortable IPL, I told myself that maybe this is the time that I should give it a chance cos I'm really lazy to shave and it can get tedious. If I ever end up feeling pain, then I will never try it again! Haha! >_< 

Just to give you a head's up, this is my first ever IPL a.k.a. Intense Pulsed Light and it's typically used to reduce hair on your body. Yes, at 27 years old, I have never ever tried any IPL services cos I was scared. :( So, how was my first ever experience?

Since this is my first time at Strip Manila, everything was new to me and they had to brief me a little on what was going to happen. But before that, I noticed how cool their clinic was! Didn't seem like a place where people get waxed or IPL! Seemed like a fun place. :)

Anyhoo, back to my IPL, so the first thing they told me was that at Strip Manila, they try their very best to make the experience comfortable for their clients and very hygienic. :) 

Before I went in for my IPL, they handed me this IPL Kit and inside is all the tools that their staff will use on you during the procedure. With this, you are 100% sure that everything used on you is BRAND NEW. :)

Upon entering the room where I was gonna get my IPL done, I noticed the clouds floating on the ceiling and it instantly made me feel comfortable already. :) How can the idea of fluffy and cute clouds not make you feel cozy??

Before doing any other body part, I went with the safest - my underarm! Did the Underarm Ice procedure. So, my assumption was this was going to be painful. But, the staff taking care of me made sure that I was going to be alright and she will adjust in case I do feel any pain.

And was there any pain? NO! None at all! :) I was pretty surprised by this and pleased of course! I was even asked by their staff a few times if I was ok or was I feeling any pain? but I was very much relaxed. The only thing I felt was like tiny prick. It went by smoothly and I think only took 20 minutes. :)

See that happy face? The face of a delighted client! ^_^

Meet my new best friend, Jenny of Strip Manila! ^_^

 My fear of IPL has totally disappeared! Thanks to Strip Manila for making this experience truly a comfortable one! I went in there thinking that I would get hurt, but went out converted! :) I can't wait for my second session and to finally say goodbye to 90% of my underarm hair cos I absolutely love wearing sleeveless! Hands up for me! So far, it has been more than two weeks and I can really see the good results. Only little to no hair showing up. ;)

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branches: Greenbelt 5, SM Megamall and Serendra. :)

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