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by - October 21, 2016

Being a mother of two can be a challenging task, especially when making their snacks or baon. All the more when you have two different types of eaters. I have one picky eater and the other always seems to have the appetite for more food or something new. :)

Fortunately, there has been a staple in the kitchen so far and it's the Lady's Choice Roast Beef and Chicken BBQ Sandwich Spread. My kids and husband have loving it, that we already managed to finish two bottles. >_<

The best thing about the Lady's Choice Sandwich Spreads' is that it's so easy to mix with other food and I can experiment with the things the kids eat and it's not just limited to sandwiches. :) 

It's simply starting the day right with our new favorite! The Lady's Choice Roast Beef! Nothing beats it. :) Healthy and yummy!

The kids often want to make their own sandwiches, so I usually just guide them and they dollop away! :) I guess that's why we easily finish a bottle cos they excessively spread! Haha! :)

It's not hard to love the Lady's Choice spreads cos they taste almost like the real thing. My kids love Chicken, so that's a plus! Same with beef!

For more easy recipes that you can make using the Lady's Choice Roast Beef or Chicken BBQ Spread, visit: :)

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