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by - October 20, 2016

I have seen kawaii boxes, beauty boxes and accessories boxes and managed to open beauty boxes more often. It is super fun to do, because it's like you get a surprise mailed to you. :) But this is the first time I encountered a mommy version of it! :)  This is genius!

I'm sure if you're a mom and a blogger, you would know about Mommy Mundo. :) But in case you haven't, Mommy Mundo is a premier resource for young, active and modern moms in the Philippines.  They are a community of moms and moms-to-be composed of an active base of more than 20,000. Their purpose is to empower moms through various channels: lifestyle events and activities that are relevant, interactive and memorable, and print & digital lifestyle publications that are accessible and informative. They are a familiar and trusted voice with an established reputation, serving moms' needs for information and support since 2001.

Being a mother can be a challenging everyday task, because you not only have to care for yourself, but also your children.  Their needs change constantly and it is up to us to address those and be able to provide for them. With all the things that moms think about, Mommy Mundo as a community wants to be there for you.  ^_^

The journey of motherhood is truly a beautiful one. I never realized how amazing it was to be a mother until I became one. It may be hard, but it's the best experience in life and wouldn't trade it for the world. Even if I'm exhausted, one smile from my children is enough to fuel me all over again. :) 

To celebrate the most beautiful chapters in any mother's life, there's the Mommy Mundo Journey Box to help you along the way....

Belo Baby | Dońa Maria Rice | Vecirin | Cusina Dishwashing | Mega Malunggay | Bento Mommas | Mosrepel PH | Sanicare | HALO Philippine

The best thing about the Mommy Mundo Journey Box is that it is based on four stages in motherhood and filled with practical and effective products that we mommies can use...

♥ Soon-To-Be-Mommy ( for expectant moms)
♥ Welcome To Motherhood ( for moms who just give birth, or have babies below 0)
♥ Smiles & Tickles ( for moms who have toddlers between 0-3 years old)
♥ Hello, Kiddo ( for moms who have kids from 4 years old & up)

I got the Hello, Kiddo - My eldest son Athan is already 8 years old and my youngest, Asher is turning 4 next month. The products above will certainly be of good use since they're quite active now. They also have sensitive skin, so the products are really helpful. :)

No matter how busy or challenging motherhood is, I'm glad there is Mommy Mundo that cares for each mom and supports us all to be better.

Moms can avail of a Mommy Mundo Journey Box when you apply for a Mommy Mundo Passport, tagged at Php 500 with one year validity. The passport provides moms with privileges, discounts, access to exclusive events, and lots of mom perks. If you're an existing member, you may reprint your card and get the box for only Php 300. :)

Visit for more information!

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  1. I saw this once. Now, I really want to try this out! :)

    <3 Alex /


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