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by - October 30, 2016

To the 80s and 90s kids, who doesn't know the iconic game of Namco called Pac-Man? That mighty chomper of biscuit dots and escaper of ghosts is definitely a game that isn't forgotten until this very day. I even see it in a modern version at our arcades now. :) 

Now, it's even hitting the streets in the retro cool backpacks of Outdoor Products!

The best part of this collaboration is that, Pac-Man is actually celebrating its 35th year!

Upon getting in the venue of A Space, Makati, the launch of the Outdoor x Pac-Man was retro all over and it definitely tickled the fancy of the 90s child in me! I loved it so much! I couldn't help but try every activity they had and take pictures of all corners. :)

Of course, the former gamer in me had to revive my gameboy days and play a little on this arcade machine. But boy! Did I forget to bring my A-game cos I was so rusty! I couldn't get pass the score of 1,000! Haha! >_< For shame!

The Outdoor Pac-Man backpack in monotone pattern. :)

Even the snack bar was Pac-Man themed!

Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde were present in cookies and cupcakes! How adorbs! My kids actually watch the latest version of Pac-Man cartoon, The Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures on Disney Channel, so even if Pac-Man didn't start in their generation, they know him very well! No generation gap for us! Haha! ^_^ 

This reminds me that Funko Pop! has Pac-Man figures now and I cannot wait to get a Pinky ghost! Waaaah!

Pac-Man brings back so many memories from my childhood. My friends and I would play with it on weekends on our GameBoy and that already kept us busy and happy. :) Ahhh nostalgic!

My favorite design from the collection is the Pac-Man Maze Pattern Sling Bag (the first photo above), but there is also a backpack version with a rain cover. Perfect for a fickle Philippine weather! ^_^ The Maze Pattern is also cute cos the left shows Pac-Man being chased by the colorful ghosts, while the cover shows them all in blue and Pac-Man ready to chomp on them! ^_^

Outdoor Products is redefining itself as not just a durable and classic pack, but a lifestyle brand with quirk and style all its own.

Since the theme was retro, we came in our retro OOTD!

With Arnie and Ashley! :)

There was game during the event, wherein there were three groups and the group with the highest score gets to snag the ultimate Outdoor x Pac-Man game cabinet. :) Imagine having this machine at your very own home! What a treat and so cool!! 
Another game that got me excited was a recreation of the Pac-Man game! They turned a room into a maze and we had to fill our Outdoor x Pac-Man pack with biscuit dots a.k.a. tennis balls! ;) The person who stuffs the bag with the most tennis balls wins!

Since the ghosts were so big in this game, I got panicked and dashed right for the exit after collecting 18 balls! Haha! Pressured! >_< I could have done better! But seriously enjoyed this event! Everything was so cool and quirky! Totally up my alley! ^_^ 

Welcome to our living room! hehe! With Yna, Ashley and Arnie :)

Get vintage happy and get it on with Outdoor x Pac-Man packs! ^_^

To know more about Outdoor or the Pac-Man collection, visit https://www.facebook.com/outdoorproductsPH1 :)

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