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by - October 04, 2016

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and more often than not, I get attracted to a person's eyes first. If someone has really nice eyes, I can't help but do a 360 and look at them. :) But nowadays, it's so easy to achieve those expressive eyes with all the amazing makeup brands. You can have your eyes on fleek every single day! ^_^ Who knows, your crush might get lured with you batting those beautiful lush lashes or sultry brows, right?

This whole month of October, SM Beauty wants to celebrate the beauty of eyes with the campaign "Get Your Eyes on Fleek!"

Now everyone has the chance to get their Eyes On Fleek as the campaign launch the key eye trends of this year. SM Beauty can even teach you to go past the basic blacks, nudes and browns. :) 

I have to admit, despite me being a colorful person, I always used black eyeliner on my eyes. I don't experiment that much. So, when SM Beauty asked me if I wanted to give my eyes a little makeover for that day, I went a little adventurous on the color. ;)

I went with the Eye-Catching Liners. Take risks and draw outside the lines because "black cat-eye" is so... well, basic. Try colored lines with bright colors to make sure you stand out!  Hello, shimmery blue for me! ;) I just have to work on my brows! Haha!

We were given this Beauty Passport to try the different stalls with eye makeups for us to try and some even had games prepared for us. :)

There are so many things you can do with your eyes...

Bold Shadows - Deep toned eye shadows that create eye-popping statement is something every girl should try. They say bold is beautiful, so why not get bold colors, right?

Sultry Brows - Bolder brows are not going anywhere anytime soon, so don't forget to define, fill-in and tame!

Lush Lashes - Vivid colored lashes that are either curled or dolled to accentuate your eyes make a huge difference! A splash of color to your peepers frame the face very well.

Dropped by the Ever Bilena stall and Trice got her eye makeup done by one of the attendants there. :)

We also played a game wherein we had to guess the celebrity based on their eye makeup. I was able to guess Miley Cyrus and Andrea Brillantes! =P 

One of the best eye makeup that Trice and I got that day was this Nude 2 Eyeshadow Palette from BYS. :) Love all the shades!

SM Beauty offers so much options perfect for every girl, allowing you to be able to rock those chic eye-makeup looks! For the month of October, head over to SM Beauty and dig into the widest range of cosmetic products available like L'Oreal, Maybelline, Max Factor, Covergirl, Revlon, BYS, NYX, Elf and more! So much offers await you! Enjoy up to 50% OFF on select eye makeup products, lots of freebies and learn today's newest trends. Now is the opportunity to have your #SMEyesOnFleek, so head on over to SM beauty!

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