Mekeni Breakfestival: The meal that bonds.♥

by - November 29, 2016

They say that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s what fuels us to face the day with energy and positivity. It is basically a health conscious effort on your body. But with all the hustle and bustle that our generation goes through, yes, we do get to eat breakfast, but we do it in a way that we just grab a quick bite at drive-thru windows or maybe get something at the convenient store to eat along the way to work. This is something that we may all be guilty of.

But having Breakfast is not just a healthy thing for our body, but our family relationship as well. Eating together is a bond that cannot be replaced. You may eat with your friends, but dining with your family is something that will bring you much closer together. After all, having the most important meal of the day is also a good way to talk to each. This is a good way to make sure each member of your family is doing well.

There are studies that families that eat together have kids who are less likely to have depression or get an eating disorder. Talking over mealtime is a great stress reliever too, don’t you think? :)

This is one value that I truly admire with one of our favorite food brands, Mekeni. :) They promote families to have breakfast together to strengthen their bond through their “MEKENI BREAKFESTIVAL” events. :) It’s nice to see a brand that not only cares for sales, but also for family ties.

There are a lot of benefits of eating together, like having conversations that allow us to connect, share and learn from one another. It helps encourage our kids to try new foods and make them healthy eaters. Also, meals at home are usually more healthy and nutritious. Being able to have breakfast together at home makes you feel more secure that what your family is having is carefully prepared, delicious and healthy. :)

Eating as a family may be rare nowadays, but it is never too late to go back to start. Take this opportunity to start the day with your family and enjoy quality family time with them, while eating a good meal. :)

To know more about Mekeni and their Breakfestival campaign, visit :)

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