Goodbye 2016!

by - December 31, 2016

   Wow! What an eventful year this has been! It breezed by so fast, yet a lot of things also happened. The journey was tough and there were times I thought I wouldn't make it. I wanted to give up and just get it over with. But of course, the much strong optimist in me didn't want to give up and believed that there is more good than bad. :)

This year is ending in just a few hours and instead of talking about the bad side, I wanna dwell on all things good that happened to me this year. :)

2016 began really good for me and the family. We celebrated the joint 3rd and 7th Birthday of Asher and Athan. :) It was a successful party and couldn't be any happier about it. Also got to celebrate milestones with Gersh - our 3rd year wedding anniversary and 9th year as a couple. :) 

This year, I also got to do a lot of artsy things, like collaborate on a huge CBTL coffee cup with fellow bloggers and artists! Then, I went back to work as a Calligraphy teacher, went to the Art Fair for the first time and of course, got my very first tattoo by Wiji Lacsamana! The most daring feat for this year, if I would say so myself! =P

Got to do some staycations and travel a bit locally! My family and I had a staycation at Conrad, which was very memorable! Had a staycation care of Beb Ana at Belmont Hotel and also a trip to Bohol with Nivea and La Union with Human Nature - All firsts for me! :)

Had my dream feature on Manila Bulletin's Style Weekend! ^_^ 

This year, the Hubby and I started going to Toycons and AsiaPop! It was the best! :) Hoping more for next year! Also this year, the blogger friends and I started Japan in Manila where we journal and love all things Japanese! :) 

Another family milestone also happened with Athan's celebration of his Holy communion and Asher's 4th Birthday!

I also became a Ninang again this year! To a lovely baby girl named Isla. :) 

Got to celebrate Christmas parties with Blogger friends and HS friends! 

And got my flatlay work printed on a book for the first time! ^_^

Finally, this year, I am officially done with college! Wow! One of the best thing that has happened to me this entire year! Can't believe I finished exactly this December! Timely! ;)

Wow! These are actually just a glimpse of what happened in 2016 yet I feel so overwhelmed! Blessed also that my blogging career is still here and I would like to thank you all so much for being so supportive! :) Artsy Fartsy Ava wouldn't make it this far without you, guys! THANK YOU!

Thank you to the people who made my 2016 memorable and happy! You know who you are! 

Well, I guess all I can say is, 2017 bring it on! But please be good! Haha! :) 


Artsy Ava

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