The Powerpuff Girls Relaunch!

by - December 29, 2016

If this generation is stuck with iPads, internet and games, I grew up watching a lot of cartoons on TV. If you think there isn't any proof of how much I watched back then, just look at my thick glasses! >_< Haha! But seriously, I watched from day till night and one of my favorite cartoons of all time was The Powerpuff Girls! ^_^

The first episode of PPG officially aired November 1998 and being a 90s baby, I was already 9 years old by then and overly in love with Bubbles! Even if Blossom is the leader, I found myself more into the ever adorable and cute Bubbles! :) Buttercup is the idol of most tough girls that I knew growing up and who wouldn't, right? She's cool!

But there was a time that I completely stopped watching cartoons and TV all together. I guess it was part of growing up and I became too occupied with school and other life events. So, one day when I was outside our room, I suddenly heard a familiar tone, but now a bit more on the edgy side and to my surprise, the boys were watching a newly revamped POWERPUFF GIRLS!=O I was so happy to see it on TV again and my childhood memories came all back to me! ^_^

Timely, two months ago, I was invited by Richwell Club to attend the relaunch of The Powerpuff Girls at SM Mall of Asia. :)

The place was bursting with girly colors, balloons, games and candy-themed ambiance! :) Totally me! Haha! >_< It made me wish I was still 9 years old. :)

My favorite of all! I got to Powerpuff MYSELF! Haha! Doesn't it look like me?? ^_^ You can do this yourself too! Just go to this site: :)

The most exciting part for me was that I actually got to meet the PPG in person! Aaaaahhhh! 

Imagine meeting your childhood idols! They were calling out all "Baby Girls" to the stage during this time and I just mustered up all my guts and went onstage even if I lined up with 2-7 year olds! Haha! Baby girl at heart! >_< Couldn't let the opportunity pass!

Along with the relaunch of the show, they also have PPG toys again! Super cute!!! They have so many options and designs to choose from. :)

They are available now at all toy stores! If only I had a baby girl, I would have flooded her with PPG toys this Christmas! Haha! It's not too late to get your little girls these adorable dolls! There's still New Year! ;) I personally got the bag keychains of Bubbles! Hihihi!

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