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by - March 17, 2017

"You have to wear glasses" - 5 words that plagued me when I was in third grade, because I couldn't see the board and kept hounding my seatmate on what the words were. He got irritated with me and told my teacher I couldn't see. Naturally, my adviser sent me to the clinic and they confirmed at the early age of 10 years old, I already had poor vision. But of course, that didn't stop me from watching excessive TV and reading pocket books endlessly. Hence, my eye sight got worst and from time to time, I experience eye irritation. 

Sadly, I still forget to take care of my eyes even if my grade is already at 700+ >_<

There are so many reasons our eyes get easily irritated and for me, one is watching Korean Dramas until the break of dawn! >_< Haha! It's so hard to resist each episodes and I get tempted to watch another and another and I don't notice that the sun has come up! =P My friend Anagon would totally agree on this!

We all tend to take proper eye care for granted and fortunately, Eye Mo, a leading eye drop brand, has identified the top 5 signs of eye irritation with their new campaign entitled "Eyeritation" and aims to educate us all on how to take better care of our eyes.

Below are the top 5 signs of eye irritation:

1. Red Eyes
- This condition is usually caused by allergy, dirt, pollution, smoke or common eye infections which are the most common among people who have high exposure to outdoor activities such as motorcycle riders and commuters.

2. Watery Eyes
- Excessive tearing that is not caused by normal crying may be a sign of an underlying health condition. When too many tears are being secreted, it is often because of irritation or inflammation of the surface of the eye that can be caused by external elements as well.

3. Sore Eyes - This is usually caused by staring into a computer screen or a book for too long.

4. Itchy Eyes - Often caused by allergies. It can also occur when there is constant exposure to household elements such as mold and dust. Also, as much as you want to do it, rubbing your itchy eyes won't help.

5. Dry Eyes - This condition is common for people who have high exposure to gadgets, TVs, laptops and those working in air-conditioned rooms. Lack of tears or moisture in the eyes is also common as we age.

Eye Mo has two variants. The Eye Mo Moisturizing Formula is specifically made to lubricate and soothe your eyes, to keep it from dryness. While The Eye Mo Red Eyes Formula is for quick relief of eye redness and little discomforts. 

Our eyes is one of the most important senses in our body. We should always take care of them, because of our eyes, we see all the beautiful things around us.

Now, you can easily fight eye irritation with Eye Mo - now available in all leading drugstore nationwide. :) 

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