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by - March 08, 2017

Being a mother of 8 years now, I continuously try to be a good role model for my kids. They easily pick up on the things that I do and being the adult or parent, I always have to make sure that I strongly influence them with the good things in life and specifically on their health. :)

Last February, I was invited by Nestlé Philippines to the launch of their Start Healthy Stay Healthy campaign. 

A child's health is very crucial from the moment the mom is pregnant. The first 1,000 days of life says a lot about their future health. So, if you eat healthy and give the proper nutrition, your child can have  a better future.

With the vital stages of overall development occurring before a child turns two, this crucial window for growth often has more challenges than the average new parent can handle.

Such is the truth that prompted Nestlé to launch its global advocacy for health called Start Healthy, Stay Healthy. With the next generation's health in mind, the program focuses on guiding new parents how they can ensure proper nutrition for their children during the period that matters most - the first 1,000 days of life.

If a child's health is neglected, it leads to malnutrition. From there it's a cycle of huge economic burden for countries. But if we focus on improving our children's nutrition, malnutrition can be prevented and life can be better for everyone.

Around the world, Start Healthy, Stay Healthy employs various channels to educate parents about proper nutrition and healthy feeding practices. In the Philippines, the program has established as a parent's handy companion for understanding the intricacies of early nutrition - from day 1 in the womb until the child's 2nd birthday.

In response, advocates of the program are also sharing their health manifestos online to emphasize the importance of working together for the next generation's health. 

With Krissy! :)

With these concerted efforts, Nestlé seeks to spearhead a conscious and committed effort towards improving the health and quality of life of the next generation.

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