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by - March 04, 2017

I have been to most of the historical sites here in Metro Manila and I never get tired of it even if I have been to a certain place more than twice already. Our country has such a rich history that I really get intrigued by it. I'm not much of a classroom type, but take me out on a tour and I'm definitely there! ^_^ Plus, sometimes we learn more things outside than in books or the four corners of our school. :)

Today, we were invited by Bioré Philippines to explore Intramuros with them! 

I am not a morning person, but being able to try out the newest product of Bioré and an Intramuros trip is an exciting and best way to start my Saturday. :) 

The meet up point for our shuttle to Intramuros was at Starbucks 6750, so we all gathered there and each got our bag filled Bioré UV goodies! ^_^ So happy that my field trip buddy was Ana! A girl after my own heart! Alam niyo yan!  ;)

The best part about wanting to learn more about our history and culture is that you don't need to go far. If you live in the south, You only need to drive 30 to 40 minutes and you're already at Intramuros! It's not my first time to go here, but in the past, I go here to explore on my own and just read the plaques in case I want to more about the place or landmark. But today, thanks to Bioré, we had the chance to have a tour guide and learned so much more. :)

First stop was Fort Santiago! Entrance fee adults Php 75 | student/child/senior citizen Php 50. :) They're open from 8:00AM to 6:00PM

Our tour guide was very passionate about Philippine history and he taught us things that I actually never learned in my textbooks or history professors. :)

Walking around Fort Santiago means being under the sun all day, so good thing we had the Bioré UV sunscreen with us. I'm so scared to experience sunburn, so I always make sure to apply SPF. :) Before touring, I applied the Bioré UV Watery Gel to protect me from the harmful UV rays! I personally love this because it's so easy to apply and feels light and cool on the skin. Definitely strays away from the typical sunscreens that gives a heavy and sticky feeling. Being in a tropical country, we need something that is like water on your skin and absorbs instantly. Plus points, it also has a mild fresh fruity fragrance. ^_^ 
Gave General McArthur some Bioré. Looks like he's been neglecting his skin! Haha! =P

The Bioré Perfect Spray gives off an undetectable and weightless feel when applied. It leaves of a powdery finish and you can even use this on your scalp and hair! :) Perfect for travelers and adventurers cos you can easily slip this in your bag. This is exclusively available at Watsons for a limited time only. :) SRP Php 299.

Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel (For Face & Body)
 and Bioré Aqua Rich Watery Essence (For Face) both gives superior double UV block for maximum protection - SPF50+ blocks UVB rays (most common cause of skin cancer) that cause dark sports, freckles and sunburn and PA++++ protects against UVA (causes long term damage to skin) to prevent sunburn & premature aging.

Let the tour begin!

The Rizal Shrine can be found inside Fort Santiago and it's open Mon. 1:00 - 5:00PM and Tue - Sun 9:00AM to 6:00PM.  

SQUAD GOALS! Haha! Illustrado peeps!

Some facts that we learned from our tour guide about Jose Rizal:

- He was imprisoned in Fort Santiago for 2 months before he was banished at Dapitan.
- He was a multitasker - he was an amazing writer, scientist, eye doctor and he was able to master the German language in just 11 months! Wow, right? Polyglot! 
- He discovered 3 new species and was named after him - Draco Rizali (small lizard), Apogania Rizali (rare beetle with five horns) and Rhacophorus Rizali (frog species).
- He wrote Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo to open the eyes of the Filipinos to the injustices of the Spanish ruling. But he was not a rebel.

"The cross marks the final resting place of approximately 600 Filipinos and Americans who were victims of atrocities during the last days of February 1945. The appearance of their bodies suggested starvation and possible suffocation. They were found inside the nearby dungeon which had inner doors of massive iron bars and outer doors of iron plate on wood."

Fort Santiago is absolutely beautiful. Not only does it have amazing structures, but it also carries a lot of stories of our past and rich history. It shows how resilient we are as Filipinos.

Next stop was San Agustin Church and San Agustin museum! The entrance fee for the museum is Php 200 Adults and Php 160 Student/Child/Senior Citizen. They're open from 8:00AM to 6PM.

San Agustin Church is one of the four Baroque Churches of the Philippines that is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It's the only structure that survived in Intramuros during the Liberation of Manila in 1945.

We were able to witness a wedding! How beautiful!

The image above is actually a three dimensional painting. We were in awe when we heard that from our guide. It looks like legit craving at first glance!

The man who painted Spolarium - Juan Luna

Walked around Fort Santiago and San Agustin Church for a total of 3 hours and it's good that my Bioré UV sunscreen is just in my bag pocket and I can quickly reapply. Even if I reapply, it still feels light on the skin. :) 

Some think that sun protection is only necessary in the summer but in fact, those harmful UV rays are here everyday (yes, even when it's raining!), all the time. Regardless if you're in a bikini or a sweater, year-round sun protection is a must and Bioré UV is perfect for everyday use. 

Our last stop was Shih-Lin restaurant at Lucky Chinatown Mall. 

I really enjoyed today's tour! I'm no longer a student, but learning never stops! :) Thank you so much, Bioré Philippines for this awesome trip and making sure that our skin is well protected! Happy to report that I have no sunburn! Only happy skin. ;)

If you want to experience uniquely light and refreshing sun protection that hydrates and softens your skin, check out for Bioré UV Watery Gel and the rest of the Bioré line. You may also check out Watsons, PCX, Landmark, Metro Dept Stores, Cash & Carry Supermarket or visit for more details.

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