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by - April 23, 2017

I've had a couple of pets in my life, but it was mostly reptiles a.k.a. turtles! Though, i've been really wanting to have dogs for the longest time, because they are super cute, sweet and a trusted friend! :) I even know some friends who treat their pets like it's their babies! I wonder what kind of pet parent i'll be someday! ^_^ Can't wait!

Being a pet lover, there are a lot of people who love bringing their pets to the mall, but of course there are only a few malls that allow that. But, good news! Century City Mall is now a pet friendly mall! All you have to do is simply get your fury friends an access pass and you are free to stroll in the mall with them too! ^_^

Bringing your pets to Century City Mall is easy with the PET ACCESS CARD. It has two categories: BLUE SEAL and GRAY SEAL - The BLUE allows your pets in all areas of the establishment, while the GREY allows them in select areas.  :)

Spotted these super cute corgis!!! Ahhhh! Adorable! My mom and I actually are considering getting one corgi for our family. ^_^ We're not sure when, but definitely this is the kind of breed that we want. So cute!!

From afar this dog looks like a camel to me! ^_^

This adorable one is excited to go around Century City Mall! :) Yey!

To know more about the PET ACCESS CARD and how you can register your pet, visit http://centurycitymall.com.ph/pet-access.html for more information! :)

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