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by - May 01, 2017

Two weeks ago, I went to the first day of the SM Stationery Art Fest (CLICK HERE to read about it!) and got a bunch of cool new art materials. :) Every time I go to art events, I never allow myself to go home empty handed, because I find so many neat things there and even new ones that I haven't encountered before. :) 

So, yes, I went home with a lot of new stuff and i'd like to share some of them with you!

First up, is Elmer's Glitter Glue + Orange Office Premium Paper. :) 

I have been personally using Elmer's Glitter Glue for years now and I absolutely love it! I use it to decorate certain artworks, my journal entries and I even attempted to "paint" with it on canvas! :) What I love about it is that it dries vibrantly as when you first apply it. I get to keep the color that it has and that's a big thumbs up for me! :) Plus, it's not messy to use!

The Orange Premium Office Paper that I got comes in an A6 size and I like that they have many size options for paper and in good quality too!

Next up, is Sharpie! This brand is a household name and being the girl who isn't into black that much, I always turn to them for my permanent marker colored needs! :) They have so many colors to choose from and tips too! Whether you need big marker tips or super fine ones, they have it. ^_^ I also enjoy coloring with Sharpie cos it dries quickly and smear proof. The Sharpie markers in set of 12 sells for Php 499.75. :)

I also got Dong-A Hexaplus Fineliner 0.4mm. If you like writing then this would be a great tool with its smooth water-based ink. This brand is close to my heart cos it's made in Korea! Haha!

Aside from cool pens from Pilot and M&G, I also got this calendar from IFEX paper! :) Love that it has a different quote or statement per month. 

Last, but definitely not the least is a Simbalion Watercolor cake! I originally got the 16 colors at the SM Stationery Art Fest, but since I still have my 36 colors palette, I decided to use this for the review. :)  What I like about Simbalion Watercolor is that it's not as expensive as most palettes I see around, so this is good if you're a beginner with watercolor and you want a good quality. It gives a nice coverage and vivid colors. :) The Simbalion Watercolor with brushes sells around Php 302. :)

That's it for now! :) Hope you, guys enjoyed this short review! 

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  1. I'm having second thoughts on buying that Simbalion Watercolor! but would prolly consider on buying it because it's affordable and offers wide variety of colors.


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