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by - April 03, 2017

There are so many new restaurants sprouting here and there that I can't help but get curious and want to try them out. Though sometimes due to the busy schedule, I am not able to or if I don't have friends to tag along, I just opt to try it another time. It's always better to dine in with people you enjoy with, right? ^_^

Just last month, the Hubby and I went to Dreamland Arts and Crafts Café. :)

I've seen this café in a couple of posts from friends on Facebook and it seemed like a pretty cute and unique spot to dine at. Took awhile before I actually got to go, but finally!

Dreamland Arts and Crafts Café is a small and quaint place up in the busy road of Tagaytay and it will instantly remind you of hippie and bohemian days. 

They also have a second level, offering a much more hipster-feel of eating - indian sit mode!

The place has no air condition, so if you're the type who goes for that kind of dining places, this isn't it. But with Tagaytay's cold weather, I assure you that it's not hot inside. You can also dine alfresco if you prefer since they offer outdoor dining too. :)

The place is covered in fairy lights and dream catchers, so you can absolutely say that it lives up to their name. :) Definitely dreamy!

Other than food, they also sell some knick-knacks and accessories. :)

Another thing you should know is that, Dreamland has no wifi. They encourage their guests to talk or maybe do artsy things, so technology would have to wait. Unless you have 3G or LTE, of course, then so be it. =P

As for the food? You would spend at least Php 700-800+ if you're two. Since the price range on their menu is a bout Php 100-300+. :) 
We had the following: 
Stevey's Cheezy Meaty Potato  Wedges - Php 120
Spam-a-Dream- Php 180
Strawberry Smoothie - Php 120
Indie Minty Cooler - Php 100
The food is good and just right. I would give it a rating of 3.5/5. But the ambiance is something we truly loved. :) When in Tagaytay, you must at least visit this place once. :)

They're open 24 hours, but try not to go there during peak hours since a lot of people also visit them.
Purok 157 Brgy. San Jose Tagaytay City
Artsy Ava

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