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Miniso is growing really fast! They currently have a total of 15 branches! Wow! Finally after much wishing to have more south stores and visiting north branches, they are now open at Glorietta 2! A place that I go to often and very familiar with! ^_^ They have a big store there and I couldn't be any happier with the opening! :)

With every Miniso opening, there are celebrities that always grace their event and for the Glorietta branch, it was Gabbi Garcia and Rocco Nacino. :)

Like every other Miniso store that I've been to, I'll give you guys a glimpse of what they have inside this particular branch.

Again, they always have the cutest and softest plush animals! I love these to bits! My mom actually bought one for the kid of her boss. :)

 Adorable hats for kids and adults! I had my eyes on the pineapple fedora, but of course it wouldn't fit me! Haha! Sadly, I also don't have a baby girl! Huhu! But I also love their selection of caps! Very kawaii!

If you really are on the look out for cute things, Miniso is the place for you! Their selection of socks also is super adorable! I got a couple of pairs. :)

The domesticated woman in me absolutely can't get enough of the cute kitchen accessories and dinnerware! ^_^ Colorful and I adore the prints!

More cute stuff...

The cutest and most affordable tumblers you will ever find is at Miniso! These are only Php 149 each! :)

Tote bags, backpacks and other designs, they have it!

The only thing that will be hard about Miniso Glorietta is that there are always a lot of people in the store and the long lines. But it's obvious that there are so many neat things inside that's why people can't help but flock! :) So better check it out!

Miniso will be opening three more stores this April, so watch out for the following dates...

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  1. This is a great post!I'm planning to drop by Glorietta's Miniso branch next week and this post gave me an idea of what I'm going to haul when I go there.


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