SM North Luzon Playdate Project!

by - May 30, 2017

Summer has officially come to an end and it will be back to school pretty soon for our kids. I'm sure all of us Moms and Dads really did our best in giving our children an amazing summer vacation! :) I have been seeing a lot of updates online. Some went abroad, others went to the beach and there were some who got their kids involved in various activities! ^_^ How fun, right? Makes you wish that it can be summer vacation all year round! 

To bid the fun summer goodbye, here's a little glimpse of what happened at the SM North Luzon Playdate Project this whole month of May!

The first leg of the SM North Luzon Playdate Project happened at SM City Cabanatuan and SM Megacenter Cabanatuan where the kids got to meet their new playmates and what games they will be playing! ^_^ 

Be FUN Monday!

Just look at all those happy and excited faces! ^_^

For Day 2 a.k.a. Be Smart Tuesday, kids from SM City Tarlac, SM City Cabanatuan and SM Megacenter enjoyed everything in giant scales! What can be more awesome than a giant Snakes and Ladders and Giant chess? Bringing back old school games in big ways!

For Day 3 - Be Strong Wednesday at SM Tarlac, it was all about bringing out your inner strength! Kids were taught basic ninja techniques by Ninja Academy! Look at all those kids go! ^_^ Super cool!

Something that I know all artsy kids would have loved! Be Creative Thursday! Kids at SM City Cauayan and SM City Olongapo got to unleash their creativity at the art lessons conducted! :) I'm sure they were able to learn quite a few techniques!

For the foodies, SM City Olongapo and SM Megacenter Cabanatuan kids were able to learn Burger Making with Jollibee and Pizza Making with Pizza Hut!

Looks good! ^_^ Kids these days are so talented!

For Day 6, SM City Olongapo kiddos got to strut and show their model walks! Definitely models in the making! How cute! ^_^

And for Day 7, it was Be An Achiever at SM City Cauayan!

Aside from all the fun activities that the kids got to experience, there were also lucky Mommies and Daddies that won raffle prizes! How awesome! You get to have fun and even win something in the process! :)

Truly, SM never fails to make summer a great and memorable one for families. :)

How about you, guys? How was summer? ^_^
Artsy Ava

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