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by - June 06, 2017

It cannot be stressed enough how important water is for our body and overall health. Water keeps our body hydrated and regulates its temperature, but often, this crucial thing is neglected by many cos of juices and carbonated drinks that is readily available and more appealing in taste. This does not only affect adults, but also kids. So, it's always best to encourage our children early in drinking water frequently and let them know the health benefits of it. :)

Speaking of water, Absolute Distilled Water has recently collaborated with The Walt Disney Company Philippines to promote a "healthily ever after" campaign for kids. 

I'm already an adult, but adding Disney to anything automatically makes me happy and excited! The use of Disney characters on Absolute water bottles will create an element of fun and excitement to encourage kids and build on the habit of drinking water. :)

The characters that will be gracing the decorative Absolute Distilled 250ml bottles are Disney Princesses - Belle, Snow White, and Frozen sisters Anna and Elsa, as well as other iconic Disney characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Lightning McQueen, and Finding Nemo. With the inclusion of these cute characters and the positive traits that they embody are hoped to help in imparting the value of drinking water among kids.

Last May 24, 2017, I attended the launch of Absolute x Disney with my son Asher and I was really excited for this, because he's about to go to school for the first time and I'm sure he would really love to see this in his lunch box! ^_^

The day started out with a yummy lunch with my fellow mom blogger friends and then, we were taught how to do our very own Bento Box by Bento by Kat! This was perfect cos I've always wanted to learn how since Asher is such a foodie!

Selene creating her Bento with her Mom Shari! ^_^

My Bento Box creation! :)

The perfect combination in your kids lunch box - a fun lunch and healthy drink! :)

Like I mentioned above, water is important and here are a few reasons why:

1. Hydration
- the body loses about eight cups of water every day. This lost water needs to be replaced to avoid nausea, headaches, muscle cramps, and ultimate dehydration. Fizzy drinks actually make our body lose more water.

2. Weight watch
- Sweetened drinks are loaded with calories and of course, sugar. If you want your child to maintain a healthy weight, limit their intake of sweetened drinks and get them to opt for water to quench their thirst.

3. Sugar and tooth decay
- Sugary drinks make it easy for bacteria to grow inside the mouth. Bacteria feed on the sugar and create enamel-damaging acids in the process. Water, on the other hand, has natural elements that strengthen the teeth, making them less susceptible to damage from plaque and sugars.

4. Poor appetite
- Consuming too much sweetened drinks has shown to affect a kid's appetite. If a healthy diet is top priority, make sure they only consume sugary drinks occasionally, and more importantly to establish water as the first choice when they are thirsty.

5. Healthy and inexpensive
- on top of it being calorie-free and with tons of health benefits, water is inexpensive compared to flavored drinks. Water is better than any other drink alternative and to encourage your kids to love drinking water, educate them on its benefits and how it functions in their bodies. Always make it available and accessible to them, and make it drinking water a fun occasion for family.

My kids and I love Disney, which is why I decided to bring some of our Disney toys at the launch to match the cute Absolute Disney bottles!

My son Asher is a huge fan of Disney Pixar Cars! He has a lot of the toy cars at home, so he definitely loves the Lightning McQueen bottle! :) 

My favorite from the bunch is The Finding Nemo! ^_^ The Absolute x Disney is only Php 9 each! Cute and affordable!

 Was able to take home a few bottles of the Absolute Lightning McQueen bottles and I was so surprised how encouraged my kids were to drink water from it! The bottles only lasted a day! >_< Haha! They didn't drink water from our dispenser, but they preferred the ones in Absolute x Disney! Truly an effective way to encourage drinking more water!

I really commend Absolute Water for having an innovative approach to make kids love water even more. It can be a challenge at times, but now with the Disney touch, children and even young at heart adults will surely be more enticed to drink and live healthy. Because when you love your family, you only want the absolute best for them. :)

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