Summer 2017: Water Camp Resort!

by - June 26, 2017

Whenever summer comes along, I always try to come up with the best possible activities that my kids and family can do. It's two months long, so you need a lot of things planned out to make the most out of it. :) My family and I, may not have been able to do any traveling abroad this summer, but I am proud to say that this is the year that we were able to do many activities! ^_^

One was our trip to Water Camp Resort last April 30!

Water Camp Resort is located in Kawit Cavite and it's actually a pretty affordable resort, if you and your family are just after a whole day of swimming, but they also have accommodations, in case you want to stay a day or more at the resort. :)

The time that we went was obviously peak season, so it was definitely packed with people. A far cry from when we went there last November 2015 for Asher's 3rd birthday. Nevertheless, it was still a fun time for us despite the crowd! ;)

Taken: NOVEMBER 2015 ( as you can see, we can freely take photos without any photo bombers hahaha!)

Taken: APRIL 2017! You can get lost in the crowd! =P

 We also brought my grandmother with us, but she didn't feel like swimming that day, so she just chilled under the umbrella! hehe! ^_^ We also prepared this time around and brought all the floaties that we could! Haha! The donut is for the Hubby and I, while the kids had their own as well. :)

If you want inexpensive, but cute and durable floaties, try the brand INTEX! :) The price range is Php 100- Php 300+ :) Not bad! Most toy stores have this!

The resort has six (6) swimming pools that you can look forward to - Mini wave pool, Kidney-shaped pool, Children's interactive pool, Lazy River, Dunk pool and Adult pool. :) Most of the time, we stayed at the Mini wave pool cos Athan loved that so much and the Children's interactive pool cos of the playground-type, it was Asher's favorite! ^_^ Can't resist the slide, of course!

Gotta stay protected! Always put sunscreen when swimming!

I'm sure you're probably keeping your eyes on how crowded the pool is. But don't worry! It may have been filled with people, but it was still possible to swim around! Especially at the Kidney-shaped pool! It's pretty big! :)

Exhibit A....

Exhibit B! :) 

Exhibit C! Still a happy experience! :)

But just a warning though! If you do plan to go during summer a.k.a. peak season and would like to rent their rooms, picnic huts or pavilions, best to reserve ahead of time because it gets FULL real quick! And there's even a chance that if you badly want a room or hut, they won't let you in if everything has been reserved. We actually encountered this, but luckily, we opted to put our stuff in the available lockers that they had, so we were able to go in. :) It's just a tad difficult to have a locker instead of a room when changing clothes cos the shower rooms were also packed with people! -_- So, take my warning, reserve ahead of time!

We had a great summer swim at Water Camp Resort and we'd definitely come back again! Can't wait to share with you, guys the other summer activities we did this 2017 here on the blog soon! ^_^

The entrance fee for summer season: 

Php 260 - Adults 
Php 230 - Children below 4ft

For off seasons, which starts this June...

Mon-Fri: Php 170
Sat-Sun/Holidays: Php 240 - Adults | Php 210 - Children below 4ft

Water Camp Resort
Panamitan, Kawit, Cavite, 4104 Philippines

For more information, you can visit :)

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