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by - June 26, 2017

As people age, we often think that certain things have to be limited or there are stuff we can't do anymore, unlike the younger generation. But why should aging stop our parents from living the life they should be? The life filled with possibilities and doing everything that they love. I personally believe, the more you get older, the more experience you should have in your life - add it to your list of adventures and bucket list! ^_^

Many associate those in their 50s and above to be slowing down in life. This mindset hinders them from doing the many things they can still achieve. On a personal note, my mom just turned 54 years old and I want her to still be the supermom that I knew growing up - walks fast, hustles like there's no tomorrow and my fellow traveler. Fortunately for me, she is still that same person! :)

A brand that encourages our parents to live your life to the fullest is Nestlé's Boost! A nutritional powdered supplement drink that is specially formulated for adults 50 and up to address their nutritional needs as they age in order to get the most out of life - to live up and be their best.

"We believe we have the responsibility to provide nutritional therapies that change the way we approach health, and ultimately help create a better quality of life for our consumers. We recognize the increase in aging consumers who now live longer, and we aim to empower them to take action to manage the age-related changes they experience and help them stay healthy." - Paul Bruhn (Regional Head of Nestlé Health Science AOA)

Research shows that special nutrition may help to manage the normal changes our bodies go through during life. It is important to consider that nutritional needs tend to evolve with time and gradual changes in lifestyle, dietary habits, and metabolism often develop. That is why Nestlé Health Science developed the Boost range. It takes into consideration what nutrition may be lacking in the diets of adults 50 and up, and these oral nutritional supplements can positively impact their nutritional intake to help them stay healthy and active.

Boost recently brought together a few of the country's personalities and their children to show us how baby boomers and millennials are more alike than we think.

"I realized that age is never an excuse to stop yourself from trying new things. I see it in my kids and if I want to be youthful like them, all I need to do is believe that I can still do as much as they can!" - Ramon Jacinto

"There is so much to discover and experience. I'm slowly trying to accomplish more and more things in my bucket list!" - Tessa Prieto-Valdes

"It's refreshing hitting new milestones at this age. And I think I can go on doing just that till I hit 70!" - Quinto Henson

"I was usually so scared of driving; there's so many different things to worry about. But then one day, I surprised Coco by picking her up for dinner." - Zsa Zsa Padilla

It is recommended to drink Boost 1-2 times a day, as part of a balanced diet. 

"It has been proven that we should eat 5 small meals a day and not let ourselves go hungry because then, the body will start to store fat to have some energy on reserve. Eating one big meal for lunch or dinner is not wise because we pack all the calories in one go. Hence, Boost is perfect for my in-between meals. I can put it in my shaker and just add water." - Ruby Gan

Truly, you can do so many things with the Boost milk! You can drink it as is, turn it into a shake or even add them into desserts!

Panna Cotta with Boost! ^_^

Nobody understands healthy aging like Nestlé Health Science. By incorporating Boost into your lifestyle, you will better understand that your life shouldn't be put on hold, limits or even slow down as you age. You should take charge of it by making healthy choices! :)

Live the best you possibly can and discover more of life's possibilities with BOOST!

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