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by - July 19, 2017

 Being a mother for 9 years now has changed my lifestyle and needs quite a lot. I always make sure I give the best to my family and at the same time, something that doesn’t hurt my pocket. :)

Just for example, napkins or tissue is something that we often use during parties, in the kitchen, while dining or even just to dry our hands. It’s an everyday need for people, but you have to find a brand that is not only excellent and dependable, but also something that can bring life to everyday celebrations in our lives! Personally, when it comes to quality hygienic napkins, I love Cheers!

Cheers is not only known for their napkins that come in all forms, like kitchen and paper towels, but they also have other party or get-together needs such as starched-based cutleries and trash bags.

Before I share with you some of the ways I use Cheers, always be sure to look for the following before you buy your napkins or any tissue!

·      100% Virgin Pulp
·      No artificial whiteners and elemental chlorine

I remember seeing Cheers napkins a lot in Birthday parties and whenever the husband and I plan one for our boys, we know it can cost a lot of money, which is why I like planning it on my own and as much as possible, coming up with my own little DIY projects instead of hiring a party planner. All you need is Pinterest and quality materials to make the celebration amazing! :)

 My kids are at the age where everything has to be cute, fun and kid friendly for guests and with the Cheers Folded Party Napkins it’s a sure win. One pack has 50 sheets and the best part, it has two different designs inside! :) What better way to say “Happy Birthday!” than cute balloon printed napkins! Pair it too with the Cheers Cutlery – I don’t know if I’m just too strong, but I tend to break a few plastic spoon and fork when I’m using them and this can happen to kids too! Not safe! >_< So, the Cheers Cutlery is perfect for people like me! It doesn’t snap easily, it’s also eco-friendly and again, cute because it comes in different colors! ^_^

 In case you were wondering what the other design of the Folded Party Napkins were, here it is! :) I think this particular design is great for when I want to have friends over for dinner. It’s classy and elegant. ^_^ I feel impressed that the Cheers has napkins for all occasions!

 Kitchen towels are a huge help in the kitchen. Some of the typical use is wiping unwanted dirt/spills on the kitchen counter, to remove excess oil on your fried food or to dry your hands. But I actually learned a few kitchen towel hacks!

1.     Use them to wrap veggies in the fridge for an extended shelf life! It can absorb moisture and prevent it from rotting. :)
2.     It can be an alternative or emergency coffee filter/strainer!
3.     You can use it to keep your cast-iron pans rust-free. :) The Kitchen towel can absorb any moisture on the pans!

What you’ll love more about Cheers is that, it’s 2ply and doesn’t tear easily. Doesn’t hurt that it has an adorable print too! ;)

Aside from the typical use of Cheers Table Napkins to wipe your mouth or anything messy, you can also use them as a sandwich wraps to keep your flat sandwiches nice and tuck! ^_^ This product comes in 100 and 200 sheets. :)

Truly, whatever the occasion may be, a birthday party, hosting dinners or even just everyday life, Cheers makes every day special. :)  Plus, you avoid paper wastage given the range of napkin configuration that they have!

You can find Cheers products in leading supermarkets nationwide!

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