Toruk: The first flight

by - July 01, 2017

A couple of years back, I watched the movie Avatar and I absolutely loved it! Reason why when I recently had a big art project to do and wanted to keep myself awake all night long doing it, I watched Avatar yet again! The story line and effects just totally got me hooked! :) If you watched Avatar, you too would know why a lot of people love it too! 

Now, there's even more reason to love Avatar as Cirque du Soleil gives you a breath-taking show in  TORUK: The First Flight, a show inspired by James Cameron's Avatar. :) Think of it as a prequel to the original movie! ;)

Watched TORUK on its first night, June 23 with my blogger bestie Ana! :) I was her date!

To be honest, when I was on my way to SM Arena, I didn't really have any expectations for TORUK. I thought it might just be your typical theatrics that would just make you clap. But NO! This show gave me all kinds of feels! As soon as I entered to find our seats, the stage was already wow-ing me!

As for the show, well, let me just share it with you and you be the judge! ^_^

 Every moment of the show made me want to hold on to me seat. It was magical, beautiful and an absolute feast for the eyes. :) The stunts that each cast did just left me in awe! There were times that when I was watching I would say, "No, they can't do that.. impossible!" But I stood corrected over and over, because Cirque du Soleil's TORUK just keeps surprising you! :)

This is just a glimpse of the show and I bet it somehow left you curious already! Well, better watch the last day tomorrow and I'm sure it will leave you breathless! ^_^ Worth every penny and it will definitely not disappoint. :)

Oh and to even make it more interesting, download their mobile app for an interactive experience during the show!

You can get your tickets at :) For more information about TORUK or Cirque du Soleil, visit 

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