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by - July 02, 2017

Growing up, I was taught that hygiene is a very important thing. If you don't have proper hygiene, it can affect your health and even outlook in life. But not all brands can give you the care that you need. You have to know which one suits your needs the most and it will be your best friend in life! 

As for me, my trusted intimate care has been pH Care all these years. :)

When I started using pH Care in my early teen years, there were only three variants - pH Care Cool Wind, pH Care Passionate Bloom and the Fragrance Free. Now, I learned that there are a total of 9 variants! Wow! ^_^ There's Naturals Guava, Naturals Papaya, Fresh Blossoms, Happy Daisies, Powder Fresh and Shower Splash

Each pH Care bottle contains 7 intimate benefits: 

1. Antibacterial 
2. Cools and refreshes
3. Deodorizes
4. OB-gyne tested
5. Contains silky softeners
6. hypoallergenic 
7. pH level of 5

It's a fact that the perfect match of pH level for your intimate area is level 5, so always be cautious if your brand carries this distinct level, because if it's high, it can cause irritation, infection and even harm to you. Reason why, ordinary soap shouldn't be used as a feminine wash. They have high pH levels ranging from 9-10. 

I actually learned all these important tips at the pH Care event last week and I'm glad I went, because it was so informative! Also, was able to catch up with pH Care girls Maxene Magalona and Leila Alcasid and know why they too love pH Care. :)

In life there is that certain person who truly understands us. Just like pH Care, that one feminine wash that understands women, that's why it can give care that woman deserve.

"I always turn to my mom. Life can get pretty hectic, now more than ever since I'm about to get married, I know I can turn to her for absolutely anything, because she understands just what I need. Sometimes, I don't even have to ask! In that same way, I feel that pH Care understands my needs as a woman, because it gives me the special kind of care." - Maxene Magalona

"My best friend and I understand each other completely. It's great to have someone who truly gets me. We're both thankful for pH Care because we know that pH Care has taken the needs and concerns of women at heart." - Leila Alcasid

After the program, we were all invited to fill up our kits at the pH Care Buffet table! :)

With my fellow pH Care girls - Rhea and Rochelle! :)

Truly, the table was filled with all the things that we, girls need! A sanitizer, bandaids, alcohol, hair ties (which we always lose!), pins, clips and of course, travel sized pH Care bottles! :) 

With all the amazing benefits of pH Care, women can turn to no other than that one feminine wash that understands, giving the special kind of care that every women deserves.

pH Care is available in all leading supermarkets, department stores, and convenience stores nationwide. Prices range of the 50ml pH Care bottle is PHP 48.00 to PHP 51.00, the price range of the 150ml pH Care bottle is PHP 107.00 to PHP 113.00 and the price range of the 250ml pH Care bottle is PHP 135.00 to PHP 142.00.

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