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by - August 20, 2017

Having a baby changes a lot of our choices when it comes to things, be it their food, clothes and diaper. I personally want my kids to be always comfortable and happy, so picking the best diaper when they were growing up was a huge factor. :)

My smallest one Asher was at his last phase of potty training last month and I was so glad I had the opportunity to try out the newest diaper in the market called GOO.N.

GOO.N is a Japanese diaper brand that promises your baby breathable,  ultra dry and ultra soft diapers. :) This is really important, because most discomforts and rashes comes from bad quality diapers. It's so heartbreaking when your child cries nonstop cos of the pain they have to deal with irritation. :( So, it's something we, moms should always look out for. :)

They also have highly absorbent materials that will your baby's bottom damp free! :) 

The brand also carries different types of diapers to suit all the stages of your child...

GOO.N Diapers go from sizes Newborn to XL  and they also have GOO.N Pants for your bigger kids that have sizes Small to XXL! :) My son Asher is already on the XXL size and I really prefer the pants type cos it's easy to put on and kinda perfect for on-the-go Moms like me! Oh and they have DORAEMON designed diapers!!♥♥♥

They also carry wipes! A huge must for all of us Moms! We all know how messy our kiddos can get!

Always remember, a good diaper makes a happy baby and a stress-free mommy! ^_^ 

GOO.N Diapers is now here in the Philippines! You can check out SM Hypermarkets/Groceries or visit!

 Visit for more information! :)

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