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by - August 17, 2017

Korean beauty products just keep coming in here in the Philippines and that's all thanks to Watsons and SM Beauty. They not only satisfy our K-beauty addiction, but they also bring the best products in. :) Now, we welcome a new product line that will complete every Filipina's skincare needs!

Say hello to Pure Beauty! ^_^

They say it's never too early to start taking care of your skin and that is very true. Our skin should always be protected from the damaging air pollution and The Pure Beauty Urban Shield line has a very special anti-pollution range of products that is the first of its kind in the country. Inspired by nature and infused with the gloriously antioxidant powers of pomegranate, it is a line perfected by science to become your skin's most potent shield against skin-damaging elements. :)

The Pure Beauty Urban Shield line is created by Korean dermatologist, Dr. Seong J. Kim. :)

Did you know, 9 out of 10 women who tried this line at a panel testing, claimed that their skin was more supple and hydrated after switching to this regimen. It's as good as shielding you with three umbrellas under the intense heat.

The Pure Beauty Urban Shield line has a three-level protection...

1. first layer ~ having fermented pomegranate fruit extracts and other plant extracts with high antioxidant content

2. second layer ~ another having patented IBRs with anti-pollution and natural skin defense properties

3. third layer ~ having ultra-shielding agents, Galactomyces Fermented Filtrate and Phyto-placenta

Pure Beauty has the following products: 

1. Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes

2. Clarifying Foaming Cleaner

3. Clarifying Toner

4. Reviving Serum

5. Reviving Eye Gel

6. Protective Day Lotion

7. Renewal Night Cream

8. Recharging Mask

This is a lot of steps into the beauty routine, but it will surely help you achieve that Korean skin glow! ;)

For girls-on-the-go, this is the best protection you can ask for against the pollution we face daily. Help revitalize your skin and repair dullness with Pure Beauty. :)

Visit http://facebook.com/WatsonsPH for more information and updates on their latest Korean Beauty products!

*All photos here were taken using #OPPOF3* 

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