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by - September 25, 2017

Whenever I browse through social media accounts and watch YouTube videos, what I notice the most is that a lot of celebrities and personalities are coming up with their own makeup line and it's really interesting to me even if I'm not a pro when it comes to makeup. You can't help but get curious. :) 

Most of the makeup brands I see are from foreign celebrities or famous YouTubers. Now, we have our very own local celebrity who recently launched her own makeup line and it's worth the excitement! That celebrity is none other than, Anne Curtis!♥

BLK Cosmetics a.k.a. Black was a name chosen to represent timeless, elegant and uncomplicated. The brand aims for simplicity and going back to the basics of makeup. This is perfect for people who aren't into too much frills and believe that less is more. :) 

I personally love this, because, I myself am very simple when it comes to my love for makeup. Just give me an eyeliner or favorite shade of lipstick and I'm ready to go!

Why should you buy BLK Cosmetics? Well, here are 3 reasons:

1. It has premium quality and pocket-friendly!
2. Long-wearing ~ touch-ups is something you don't have to worry about and thus, simplifying your beauty routine! ;) 
3. Cruelty-free! Did you know, most expensive brands do animal testing? :( But with BLK Cosmetics, you are assured that none of the products are tested on our furry friends.♥

A brand with a heart is something we all need! Plus points for the minimalist, but beautiful packaging too! ^_^

With my girls, Carizza, Ana and Janeena! :)

Swatching some of the liquid lipsticks! :)

BLK Cosmetics has 7 makeup must-haves...

1. BLK Long-lasting liquid matte lipsticks (5 shades)- Php 349
2. BLK Brow sculpting pencil duo (2 shades)- Php 249
3. BLK Contour, blush & highlight palette (2 shades)- Php 499
4. BLK All-day matte powder foundation (2 shades)- Php 399
5. BLK Long-lasting liquid eyeliner (2 shades)- Php 249
6. BLK Velvet lip cream (5 shades)- Php 299
7. BLK All-day intense matte lipstick (6 shades)- Php 299

Anne Curtis is one of the few local celebrities that I look up to and I really love how involved she was into making this makeup line. A "passion project" is what she calls it. :)

BLK Cosmetics only strives for uncomplicated beauty and I say, 'YES!' to that! :)

 It's now available at SM Beauty and Watson's! :) 

For more information, visit and ♥ 

Artsy Ava

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