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by - September 15, 2017

Growing up as a kid, I was pretty sickly and frail. I couldn't run too much or even get caught in a slight rain, because it would immediately affect my health. This is the main reason why my mom always wanted me to have complete vitamins to help boost my immune system and the one thing I remember the most was Scott's Emulsion. :) This was suggested by my Grandmother to my Mom cos apparently as a child, she used to drink it too! Talk about passing it from generations! ^_^ So, growing up, I was a Scott's Emulsion kid and it really did help me a lot. I almost never get sick and was in great health!

Now that I have my own kids, I also want what's best for them and what will give them all their needs since they're already both in school. :)

My eldest Athan has been in school for a total of 6 years now and it has never been a challenge to give him vitamins. He's always the obedient one and never questions me. My youngest Asher on the other hand is the independent one who more often than not, questions me on why he has to take medicine/vitamins. He would fuss at times and it can be a struggle. My little one is a good boy, but he is quite determined on what he likes vs. what he doesn't. Fortunately, since the first day I ever introduced Scott's DHA Gummies to him, giving him his vitamin has been a breeze!

On a typical school day, I would fix his food for recess and include the recommended dosage of three (3) Scott's DHA Gummies inside his snack box and he actually treats it more like a treat than a vitamin! He always goes home with an empty lunch box and that makes the mom in me feel happy and like I achieved something major! Haha! :) It's never fun to force things on your kids, even if it's good for their overall development. Of course, you would want them to like it and enjoy it.

Scott's DHA Gummies provides your kids a good dose of DHA and Vitamin D. :)

Docosahexaenoic Acid a.k.a. DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid is vital for the optimal brain and eye development of kids ages 4 to 12. But our bodies don't produce DHA. We need food or supplements to help support this. For food, it normally comes from organ meats and fatty fish, so with some kids being picky nowadays, this can be hard on parents. With low DHA, this can affect your child's memory, reading and behavior, so this is why having an adequate amount of DHA in their system is crucial for their healthy brain development.

Yes, Scott's DHA Gummies also contains fish oil, but your child will never taste it and that's the beauty of it! I tried it myself and it's really like eating candy! Plus, you have a choice between orange or Strawberry flavor! ^_^ 

Aside from not being stressed anymore in feeding Asher his vitamin, I also love Scott's DHA Gummies, because I've noticed that my son has become more focused and into his school work. :) He even enjoys reading countless of books! :) He's also more creative when it comes to building his Legos and imaginative during playtime!

Great news, Moms and Dads, you, too can take Scott's DHA Gummies! If you have mom brain or momnesia like me sometimes, pop some in your daily diet! ;)

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