CANON PIXMA: How it makes school work easier for my kids.♥

by - September 13, 2017

I've had my Canon Pixma E470 printer for more a little over two months now and it has done a lot of great things for me, like get my creativity groove back, save time and money when it comes to printing my stuff, and also make school work so much easier for my kids. :)

As most of you know, I have two sons, Athan and Asher. :) When Athan started preschool and the beginning of third grade, we didn't have a printer and most of the time, this was a problem if he needed to print out photos that we couldn't cut out from magazines or newspapers. I remember the time when he specifically told me, "Mom, I need photos of Filipino heroes for our class." Naturally, I was shocked! It was already 10:00 PM, I just came home and there was no internet shop open anymore. >_< There were plenty of scenarios like this and good thing I no longer have to dread those moments cos our trusty and reliable Canon Pixma E470! :)

Here's a perfect example of the time that my eldest son Athan needed a family picture of us on summer vacation at a province and luckily, I was able to print it with our Canon Pixma E470

This was one of Athan's favorite summer trips and it's nice that we can just easily go back to it with this photo!♥

Just this year, my youngest son Asher has started preschool. There are still a few things that he's beginning to learn and he's quite eager too! So, sometimes my Husband and I take the kiddos on museum trips and educational plays to help widen their knowledge more. :) 

When it comes to studying at home with my kids, I'm don't like pressuring them. Yes, it's our job as moms to prepare them for the school year, but I want to make it easy for them to learn. Especially for Asher who is just discovering how to count, name the letters of the alphabet and write. He tends to get disappointed when he gets something wrong, so I try to come up with ways to make it a fun learning experience for him. 

The internet is just filled with so many FREE worksheets that you can print out. You can let your kids do one a day or a few pages once they get used to it. :)

When it comes to school work, I discovered that Asher is more inclined towards coloring. He would color anything and everything! Even if we're just supposed to use pencils for a particular homework, he would still want to use a crayon. So, I printed out some that could help him sight words and apply the specific color. :)

This is also one of his lessons in school, so it's a good refresher/review! ^_^

Oh and just a little study tip! If you find your kids always losing their pencils or crayons when it's time to study or do activities, try to have a box or kit where they can put all their supplies in. It's one way of teaching them how to be organized at all times and even they won't have a hard time finding it. :) Just like what we have above!

We all find that kids respond to repeating things over and over and when we give them routines, like working on activities everyday, this gets them into a habit of studying. :) The most important part is always having the complete supplies or materials to encourage them more!

Personally, I also find that teaching your kids instead of hiring someone else is less expensive and a great bonding time for you both.♥

Today, Asher and I worked on this cute cut-out robot! He colored it in and I helped him cut the parts. :)

Printing with the Canon Pixma E470 is absolutely easy! Just connect your device through WiFi and you are good to go. :) Who would have thought that Mobile printing could be possible now? ^_^ Also, it's pocket-friendly too! Like I mentioned above, i've had my printer for more than two months now and haven't had the need to change my ink yet! :)

Truly, the Canon Pixma E470 has made my life as a mom so much easier since I got it. It's lightweight, a scanner, printer and copier all-in-one! :) I no longer get pressured or stressed with my kids' school printing requirements and we even get to make school work fun!

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