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by - October 30, 2017

Being a planner girl most of my life, I have found myself never out of one. I guess it also has a lot to do with me being so forgetful, so if I know I always need one. >_< I remember back in the day when planners were so dull looking and were only made up of spaces and dates. Now, there are so many designs to choose from! :)

Just a few weeks back, known power planner brand, Belle de Jour themselves launched their 2018 planners at Shangri-La Plaza Mall. :) They had a two day affair called the BDJ "Dare To Be You" Launch Weekend. :)

Unlike the previous planner launch last year, where I went alone, this time, I decided to go with my favorite bellas! Hello loves, Christine, Ana and Ashley!♥ It was definitely more fun! Together, we listened to two out of the 12 talks they offered that weekend. :)

The first talk was 'Lighten Your Life' by Fides Gimenez and it was all about living a minimalist life or more on the zero waste side. I, personally want to lessen using plastic bags, so I actually purchased a small tote bag that I can bring along with me incase I shopped for things and suddenly need an extra bag. Oh and also plastic bottles! Hoping I can practice carrying tumblers everywhere I go instead of getting plastic cups or bottles when I buy drinks outside. :)

Our second and last talk for the day was 'Kickstart Your Travel Goals' by Kezia Guerrero and I think this was equally all our favorite!

She was very informative and shared with us her budget on the trips she has gone to. :) BTW, she has amazing travel photos! Hoping I could visit the beautiful locations she went too soon!

After the awesome talks, we decided to go around the venue to explore what activities were going on and of course, to also check out the new items from BDJ!

Here is a complete list of the new BDJ products with their respective prices! The launch is already done, but you can still buy online:! :) in case you want to purchase their items on a product launch price (cheaper), I suggest you do it now! Their promo is only until October 31, 2017, so better grab that! 

I love love love their Quest Journals! I have one in light pink and can't wait to get more!

There were workshops happening when we were going around...

We were also invited to try the 'Bella Besties' activity. It's basically trying to see how well you know your best friend and they girls and I pretty much laughed away while doing this! Haha! Fun!

They also had a Dream Catcher workshop and I was a bit sad that we didn't catch this in time, but they all look so pretty! :)

Me with my other planner, the Navi 2018, which also has my name! The great thing about most of the BDJ Planners is that you can customize them with your name! Yey! ^_^

Had an amazing time with my gals at the BDJ Planner launch and learned a lot too! Thank you so much, Belle de Jour for having us! :)

BTW, I had a little feature on BDJ's site and you can find it here: Hope you can check it out!

For more information or want the latest update from BDJ, visit or♥

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