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by - October 30, 2017

One of the things that I'm trying to be is healthy and that includes what I eat and drink. Most of the time I drink water, but to be honest, there are times that I would like to have some flavor in what I drink, so I would turn to coffee or sometimes juice. Though, i'd much rather have coconut water than any kind of juice. :) 

Fortunately, there are more coconut water now in the market and one of them is Merci Buco by our very own local brand LOCALLY.

Aside from the original coconut water, Locally has come up with two more flavors for us to enjoy. Since Filipinos are naturally fond of sweets, they launched Buco Pandan and Buco Lychee! So you have not one, not two but three Merci Buco Variants to choose from! :)

Doesn't the Buco Pandan flavor just remind you of the all-time favorite Filipino chilled salad? :) Merci Buco has the refreshing kick of coco juice mixed with the exhilarating fragrance of Pandan leaves. So good that it will make you want to do the PanDance of Joy! ^_^

On the other hand, Buco Lychee is simply refreshing and sweet. It has coconut water that quenches your thirst mixed with the exotic goodness of lychee. 

You can get Merci Buco in 330ML and 1 liter eco-friendly recyclable tetra pack. It's availavle in Rustan's and select PureGold and Robinsons supermarkets.

Visit for more information!

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