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by - October 19, 2017

There was a time in my life that getting a photo or worksheets printed was such a task, because it would mean stepping out of the house and going to internet shops or cafés just to have what I need printed. It was time consuming and not to mention, draining on the pocket. But gone are the days of printing woes! Having my Canon PIXMA E470 for months now has made my life so much easier. It not only helped me get into my journaling groove, but also makes the school work of my kids manageable. :)

Though, there are other things that the Canon PIXMA E470 does for me and I want to share it with you, guys! ^_^

Last July when my Mom and I were planning to go to Japan for the first time. There were a lot of locations and things to remember that jotting it down alone wasn't enough. So, we typed down our itinerary and printed everything we needed to survive the trip. :) When I say printed everything, I really mean EVERYTHING

My Mom and I are planning another trip soon and this will surely be of help again!

This is just a few of the helpful informations I printed out. I practically printed every place we went to and the instructions on how to get there. I had a paper in hand every time we left our AirBnB. These papers were THAT important to me, because it was my first time to plan a whole trip and happy to say, we survived! ^_^ Glad I had these with me! I printed all of our itinerary the night before our trip and I didn't need to worry cos I had a printer at home! :)

The Canon PIXMA E470 is an all-in-one printer and being that, I found other uses for it, like being able to scan my documents and even the artwork of my kids! :)

This particular artwork or painting is by my eldest son Athan. :) I find it so beautiful and absolutely love it! I scanned it, so I can turn it into my phone wallpaper! It gives it a more digitized feel. :)

When I click the SCAN icon on the Canon PRINT App, it automatically transfers it to my phone! 

Tadaaahhh! You can also do this if you have the Canon PIXMA E470! :) You get to have your child's artwork with you all the time and a happy reminder every time you open your phone.♥ 

Incase you're still on the lookout for a printer, the Canon PIXMA E470 is just Php 4,395!

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