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by - October 10, 2017

Being able to develop your child's creativity has a lot to do with your guidance, positive encouragement and proper nutrition. The creative side of our children has a lot to do with their way of thinking and how they go about problem solving, which is why DHA is a huge part of their everyday life. 

I personally allow my kids to explore and express their creative imagination through the things that they love doing, whether that be building blocks, story telling or art. I let them express themselves. :)

Every morning on a school day, I involve my son Asher in preparing his baon or snack box and show him that even in the smallest everyday things, you can add creativity to! :) I also show him how important it is to add healthy necessities like Scott's DHA Gummies to his daily diet. It not only helps healthy brain development, but also vision, cognitive function, mental focus and proper growth.♥

It's crucial that we never neglect the DHA intake of our kids to promote and maintain good health. :)

These are some of the snacks that Asher and I prepare when he goes to school. :) Of course, we never forget to include his Scott's DHA Gummies, which he loves so much! It comes in orange and strawberry flavor and truly tastes like candy, so you won't have a difficult time feeding this to your kids. ^_^

Other ways you can develop your child's creativity...

1. Allow your child to entertain themselves without the use of gadgets or television. This way, they can learn to imagine and think outside the box. :)

2. Make sure that their books, art materials and educational toys are within their reach, so that they can easily express their creativity or stimulate their mind. 

3. Talk to your kids often,  ask them questions, even as simple as asking about the book that they recently read. Make it a time for story telling!

4. Be prepared for messy situations! Creativity can be untidy, like paint all over the floor or even on the walls, but that's part of the process. ;)

5. No matter how busy you are, always make time to play with them and have quality time.

How about you, Moms and Dads, how do you develop your child's creativity? :)

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