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by - October 11, 2017

Being a mom of two, I've gone through a couple of diaper bags or mommy bags in the span of 9 years. I have never really found the "perfect" one. It's either they look too much for a baby or totally not my style to tote around. But now, gone are the days when baby bags look dull, because Ju-Ju-Be has the cutest ones you'll ever find! ^_^

Ju-Ju-Be is a brand that carries diaper bags for modern moms and dads. The bags that they have are built to fit everything your baby/child might need, while still maintaining a stylish and fun look for the parents. :) I like that Ju-Ju-Be can be both functional and cute!

The brand has cute designs to choose from, like Hello Kitty, Warcraft, florals and Tokidoki! I personally love, love, love Tokidoki, so I'm super happy I got the Hobobe Tokidoki bag in the Tokipops design.♥

The Tokipops design is definitely a feast for the eyes or will probably make you hungry! >_< Haha! Almost all my favorite characters are here, like Latte, Sandy and there are even new ones!

SRP is Php 6,500

Both my kids are not babies anymore. I have a 9 year old and a 4 year old, but we always make sure we have our baby bag with us, because our kids can still get into messy situations. On a normal day out, these would be some of the things in our Ju-Ju-Be bag. :)

My 4 year old has this thing about touching anything and everything, plus he just got through his potty training phase, so there are still times he gets into minor accidents. So, diaper and wipes to the rescue! :) We also have the emergency snacks when they suddenly get hungry and of course, toys to save them from boredom!

Oh and can I just commend the light colored linings? Most of the time, my bag is a black hole and I can't find anything in it when I need to! =P The bag also has plenty of pockets that you can utilize. :)

The Hobobe Tokidoki bag comes with a light changing pad, so in case you need to change your baby in a place where there isn't a changing station, you can easily pop this out. :)

Other great features of Ju-Ju-Be bags that I love...

1. Machine Washable - you won't have to stress about any mess!
2. Metal Hardware - you can be sure that your supports won't give up so easily, even if you're carrying a heavy load.
3. Stain Resistant - teflon treated fabrics easily repel dirt and so far, since I've had this bag, no dirt has gotten stuck to it just yet.
4. Bottle Pockets - keep liquids away from anything that is dry is something I take note of and hold dear. It's no fun having a wet bag.
5. It has a lifetime warranty! Yes, you saw that right!

Ju-Ju-Be is a company with a heart. They support breast cancer awareness and a percentage gets donated to that for every bag sold.♥♥♥

On days that my kids don't need their baby bag, I use it myself too! :) I love how it fits all of my stuff and the pockets just keep my life so organized!

Ju-Ju-Be is absolutely the best! It's versatile, chic and every mom and baby's dream! Definitely smart bags for smart people! ;) 

If you're on the lookout for the best diaper bag, you can check out the site of Ju-Ju-Be ~ https://shop.ju-ju-be.com/ or their authorized retailer here in the Philippines ~ https://www.ceoemporium.com. :) 

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