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The extreme traffic in Metro Manila is something all of us has gotten used to and no matter what we do, we just can't seem to avoid it. I thought the Christmas season was the only one to blame, but now it is over, we're still stuck in traffic on our way to work, school, home, etc. Heavy traffic nowadays is as long as traveling on a plane! 2 hours or even 4! What can be worst than traffic, right? Well, the combination of hunger and traffic, that's what! >_<

We've all experienced being hungry while caught in the middle of our commute. I personally have and since I didn't have any real food with me, I went to a point that I tried finished a whole pack of chewy candy just to get by. But we all know that isn't enough. 

Inspired by the deep struggles of the local Filipino trying to find their way home via their local commute, Fitbar Philippines and Grab Philippines team together to bring the Filipino commuters the "Grab-A-Fitbar" project. :)

I've been a Grab user for two years now and I salute the company for always trying to make the riders lives as comfortable as possible. :)

"Being a loyal Grab user, and loving the attitude of Grab drivers, I remember one time that I was stuck in heavy traffic for almost 2 hours. I was hungry already and I remembered that I have a Fitbar in my bag. I shared the Fitbar with the driver, and he was so thankful. I wanted to share Fitbar to other drivers and passengers too, to relieve them from hunger during heavy traffic." - Diana Aaron-Ong (Brand Manager of Fitbar)

"Grab provides a safe, convenient and affordable transportation option to move around the city. We are honored to be partners with Fitbar Philippines to help our fellow citizens not only reach their destinations way but also do so with healthy snacks in hand." - Cindy Toh (Country Marketing Head of Grab)

The "Grab-A-Fitbar" program aims to reach 100,000 passengers within Metro Manila, including provincial key cities in the Philippines as well. :)

Saying goodbye to being "HANGRY!" while on the road! ;)

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