Things to see and do in Busan's Gamcheon Culture Village!♥

by - January 08, 2018

For our second day in Busan, the first thing on our itinerary was to visit one of the popular tourist spots there and we had the pleasure of seeing the beautiful Gamcheon Culture Village. :)

Gamcheon Culture Village a.k.a. the "Machu Picchu of Busan" is located at Gamnae 2-ro, Saha-gu and you can easily get there via train, bus, taxi or car. Will place at the end of my post on how to exactly get there. :) 

The village is known for its rich history that started during the Korean war. This is where war refugees settled and also referred to as a religious settlement. In modern times, the place is known for its staircase-fashion built houses on the foothills of a coastal mountain and also has other attractions and hangout spots, like art shops, museums, murals, cafes and more.

You can tour the village for FREE, facilities operate from 9:00AM-5:00PM and the whole place is open all year round, but you do have to keep quiet and respectful since it is still a residential area. :)

"Fish Swimming through the Alley" by Jin Yeongseop

This work represents the alley, which is the communication channel of the residents. The unconstrained movement of the fishes makes this enchanting living space full of vitality.

Like I mentioned above, the place is packed with art and this one of the first we spotted. :)

We got to tour the village for an hour, so my Chingus Sarah, Jackie and I freely and bravely roamed around in -3 degrees weather...

There are several shops in Gamcheon Culture Village and some sell accessories, others handmade stuff and some souvenirs that you can take home. :)

More cute spotting inside the village...

I noticed while going around that most of the painted houses were either restaurants or cozy coffee shops. :)

"Our Town Gamcheon" by Jin Yeongseop

The houses that seem similar at a glance but are actually different remind us of unity within diversity found among humankind.

Freezing but happy! ^_^ Thank you for capturing this, Tricia!♥

There are plenty of restaurants around the area, so you won't go hungry!

I wish I didn't have such a heavy breakfast that day, because I really wanted to try out one of the famous street foods in South Korea - Eomuk Tang or fishcake on skewers. :) 

But, we did witness our friend Say Tioco eat a Water jelly dessert that looked like a drop of water. She got the clear version, so it didn't have a flavor to it. But I think the sauce and powder makes up for it or complements it well. 

Looks so pretty and fragile! We initially thought it was gonna burst when poked with the spoon, but it was just jelly. :)

Spotted a girl wearing a traditional Korean costume / Hanbok. :) The cutest one I've seen during my stay! This will be next on my bucket list - walk around wearing a Hanbok!

"The Little Prince and the Fennec Fox" by Na Inju

The Little Prince and the Fennec Fox came to Earch after leaving their star, and arrived in Gamcheon Culture Village. During their journey, they sit on the railing and look down on the village.

We were told by our tour guide Unnie Jackie that they most go-to spot in Gamcheon Culture Village was the Little Prince, so we definitely had to see that! :) Finally after much walking, spotted! This is also a great way to view the entire Gamcheon 2-dong. 

One of the most Instagram-worthy spots in the village. I often see this on Instagram and seeing it in person got me giddy! ^_^ I've always wanted to take a photo on this very spot. But it's not just cute, the inspiration for the artwork - Story of The Cheon Deok Su is also touching. :) 

There are many things you can see and do at Gamcheon Culture Village, like eat, shop, take lots of photos and admire the scenery. :) I personally really enjoyed our time there. I wish we had more than an hour, because there were a lot more that we didn't see. But I'm hoping you, guys would be able to visit those! 

Thank you so much Korea Tourism Organization for this artsy fartsy day at Gamcheon!♥


METRO: Toseong-dong Station No. 6 Exit
~In front of Busan National University 
Hospital Cancer Center
Village shuttles Saha 1-1, Seogu 2 and Seogu 2-2

Geojeong Station Exit 6
~Geojeong Intersection across 
Newcore Outlet/Village shuttles Saha 1, Saha 1-1

BUS: ~Bus 1011, get off at Busan Natural Gas Power Plant
Village shuttles Saha 1, Saha 1-1
Get off at Bus 17 Terminal

TAXI: ~Get on taxi in front of Busan National University Hospital and get off at Gemjeong Elementary School

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  1. The village is so cute!!! Need to save money to visit these places!!! :D


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