Philippines sets a new Guinness World Record!

by - February 26, 2018

There are so many things to be proud of as a Filipino in our country and one of that is the huge love for the arts. We have very talented artists and brands like Expressions Stationery Shop, Inc. who continuously promotes and encourages creativity among students and art enthusiasts. :) 

To celebrate their 30 years in the industry, Expressions together with the Quezon City government, held the PINASayang Sining event at Quezon Memorial Circle to attempt a new Guinness World Record of the World's Largest Art Lesson!

As early as 4:30AM, students from different high schools in Quezon City started coming in the circle. I personally got to the venue at around 7:00AM and I saw how excited everyone was around me! :) Why wouldn't they be?? Imagine being part of history! I was informed that 20 schools participated in this. :)

Participants raising up their materials :)

Aside from students, there were also other people who registered online and participated in this event too! Everyone was handed art kits and a wristband with a barcode that served as the counting system for the Guinness World Record Attempt. :)

At the sound of the siren, the art lesson was started by Teacher Sheila and the highlight was to draw a Maskara as inspired by the Masskara Festival from Bacolod. Each student was tasked to follow her step by step. 

Admired some of the participants while they were totally engrossed in their drawings. :) I wish I also had the chance to join in! Happily watched them!

I absolutely love this one! He followed Teacher Sheila on how to draw the Maskara, but he added his own flair to it. Plus, he was able to blend colors with just the use of crayons! :) Now, that's thinking out of the box and letting creativity flow!

At the end of the lesson, the students showed in unison their finished artwork and we all patiently waited for the announcement of the independent auditor, PWC Philippines, who was pre-approved by Guinness World Records to validate the attempt.

Finally the announcement!

The previous Guinness World Record holder for Largest Art Lesson was India, who had 14,135 people who participated last November 11, 2014.

We were able to break that record with 16,692 participants!! ^_^ Congratulations to Expressions for this amazing event, the Quezon City Government, and all the participants!!! ^_^ You, guys did it! Another proud moment for the Philippines!

*Photo source:*

Mayor Herbert Bautista and Expressions President Joseph Lim Bon Huan / Photo source: :)
The event was attended by the NCCA, Mayor Herbert Bautista and the organizers from Expressions and Sterling. :)

The Guinness World Record Attempt will be validated in 2 to 3 weeks time!

Waking up on this particular Saturday morning has given the students so much purpose! Congratulations again on this milestone! :) Hoping that there are more brands like Expressions Stationery Shop, Inc. who encourage creativity and self-expression!

For more information about this event or Expressions, visit:

Artsy Ava

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  1. Wow! That is truely amazing!! Ang daming attendees, hopefully there will be next time na ganyang event I will let my daughter join coz she love drawing!


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